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⛰ ___________________________________________ 📷 Photographer: @rowanbashford ___________________________________________ ⛰ 󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Location: Skaftafellsjökull Glacier ___________________________________________ Use these tags to get featured: #nordicscollective ___________________________________________ #denmark #sweden #norway #finland #iceland #greenland #faroeislands #naturalgeographic #ísland #natureinstagram #earthmood #guidetoiceland #norwaynature #stockholm #vatnajokull #naturegreen #icelandnature #visiticeland #comeing #lofotenislands #greenlandscape #swedishmoments


Thank you @rei for the amazing opportunity that I’ll never forget. . The crew- I met some amazing people this week who are all incredible humans in their own way. @hownottotravellikeabasicbitch my ride or die BFF who came along and really made the entire group come together with her intellect and dialogue this week. You know I love you times a milli. @samortizphoto for her bubbly personality, your “Connecticut” laugh, your infectious sense of humor, and also just being a badass. @summerrofgeorge a sweetheart who took a little while to come out of her shell, but when she did she made everyone laugh with her wit and puns. Thanks for all the candids this week. . @goulding_jr the roomie, the other Jamaican, and the guy responsible for some of these bad ass shots for the gram, and a badass in his own right. You are a rockstar and made it easy to not be my usual OCD self this week. @loveyerland wicked videographer and even better person. Definitely made a friend in you. @jamesharnoisphoto mr. “gotta get the angles” himself, going above and beyond to make us all look fantastic all week. Thank you James and Corey for participating in the conversations about inclusivity and diversity. You guys rock. @clenderman You my friend are a rockstar and thank you for being the visionary behind this experience, for being a champion for inclusivity in your company, and for your crazy innuendos that I pick up on right away. You are awesome. . . Our guides- @nrduris you are incredible. Thank you for your knowledge on Iceland and for sharing so many amazing experiences with us. Thank you for keeping us safe and making us get the best experience everyday and ensuring that we always made it to where we needed to be in a timely fashion. @orri_sigurjons Thank you for the amazing day on the glacier. Time of my life. @kiddibje thank you for being the Best guide, host, storyteller, and all around human. Thank you for the lectures on the History of Iceland, the “ohh la la’s” to make us laugh 100 times a day. Thank you for keeping us fed. Thank you for making this trip the best experience that we’ve all ever had. You’re an amazing host and an amazing person. So grateful.









Not happy about coming home today 🗻 @laurenhamptonxo @megderrick I’ll miss you


We hiked up Saftafellsjökull Glacier I’m the rain today and even that was easier than pronouncing it’s name correctly.


곡괭이질 어디까지 해봤니?


Gorgeous glacier



silence🤫 #nature #happiness #iceberg #iceland







Crawling step by step upward..