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This upcoming summer would have marked 20 years of friendship and mentorship with Leif Rygg. I started learning the hardanger fiddle with him when I was 13. I've travelled to Norway a handful of times to study with him and enjoy his playing. He lived close to some of my relatives in Voss and I would walk to his home twice a day for two weeks, fiddle case on my back, up and down the hill, when I was 14. I learned so much from him. He shared his music and I will forever be grateful for the time we have spent together and the tunes I have learned along the way. I will always remember how he would tease me about my vossamaul, but I still tried to match his dialect. I'm sorry, Leif, that I couldn't play with you my last visit in Norway with my broken wrist, but I enjoyed chatting with you and Audhild while we enjoyed some of your home brew. I will practice the songs you recorded for me and will continue your musical tradition, the best I can. I will miss you. The tunes will ring on forever, the dance never ends. Vi snakkes Leif. ❤🎶🎻 . #hardangerfiddle #hardingfela #voss #leifrygg


‏ㅤㅤㅤㅤ ‏ㅤㅤㅤㅤ ‏‏سبحان الله وبحمده . .



Пока у меня еле-еле грузится музыка для следующего 1-минутного видео, расскажу о своих мыслях про эту невероятную страну. Норвегии идёт дождь и хмурая погода! Вот как ни крути, когда здесь светит солнце, что-то словно не так, а вот когда пасмурно, понимаешь - идеально👌 И это совершенно не напрягает, ты просто кутаешься в свитер, пьёшь горячий чай и можно бесконечно долго ходить по длинным дорогам, заглядывать в окна маленьких домов, дышать свежайшим воздухом и просто быть счастливым ❤️


◦ fly-by shooting ◦ Guest gramming for @preusmuseum this week 🌟 #takeover #vscocam #🌲


#fromwhereistand at work ii ◦





Fin kveld #vvsvinterball


On sick leave and trying to stay positive. A bit of singing helps:) Playing "Superman's Song" by Crash Test Dummies. Check out the lyrics; it's a beautiful song! Might put the whole thing up on YouTube later. #guitar #singing #classicalguitar #nylonstrings #homealone #crashtestdummies #supermanssong #onewomanband


#smiling #lovedogs


#oliver #Faramir #ridekurs er gøyt😊kler kvarandre😍😍❤❤



#childhood memories #loveinmyheart