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Primera del año! 💥⚡


This Barred Owl was sadly poisoned with rodent killer. Don’t use poison people... anything that feeds on rodents has the potential to also be effected by it. 🦉☠️ (this guy got lucky)


I have worked soo hard to reach where I am at. I struggled at first but here I am ! I started posting Instagram Videos AUGUST 2016 ! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Before I had issues with balance and control, I didn’t have as much strength to do certain stunts which I have mastered now. Dancing is ME, I want to spread love through dance, I want to motivate and inspire others to do better within themselves. I am proud. Look at me now. —————— #FromTheBottomUp Tag another entrepreneur from soflo let’s see your journey so far #FromTheBottomUP tag 2 entrepreneurs & let’s keep this going! —————— I challenge my business partners @shaquillamariee @deann3e @jahnetc @cjkingent @lincoln3dot @trabass @starrdawkinz @youngstar_86 @blacka @sherriesilver @royal.g @spexphotography to show your progress from when you started that amazing business/career of yours ❤️ #FromTheBottomUp Tag a business owner !📈📊📉🗓


My name is Alex and I have a problem . . Follow @officialalexrobertson for more! . .


Oh wish I look like this when I paint hair 🙃 Thank you @inna_snap_photography 📸


I woke up lyk dis.... LOL I wish, lots of hard work and dedication! Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire ✨🔥🌟 . . Officially 7 months post my last NPC bikini comp and threw on this bikini this morning that barely fit me 1 week post show and it still fits! Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean restricting yourself and killing yourself 24/7 it’s all about consistency and moderation! @dashofdrea . . . My hourglass workout program is still on sale for $29 with @staunch.nation!!! Click the link in my bio and let’s get stronger together 💪🏼❤️🐨 Use code Andrea10 for a disc on all supps and apparel!


hey i was wondering if i could get some love? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #curls #actuallyfeelingcute #idontusehashtags #glowing


Been gaining some weight in secret 🙈 🤫 • • #Miami #SouthFlorida #Model #instagram #ExplorePage #selfportrait @queillamarie #Request ❤️ #ILoveU #jubeslife


It’s been a while but I’m back! This was one of three plants I ordered from @predatoryplants. It’s been enjoying the relatively cool weather we have been having in south Florida.


What better way to have a meeting than outside on a beautiful winter day #pwc #BeWellWorkWell #Winter #WeWorkWhereYouVacation


10 years ago I don’t think I look much different except shorter hair lmao #10yearchallenge @previaswithrims


Intricate bark texture of Bursera simaruba (gumbo-limbo)


Sergio’s CEO, Carlos Gazitua spoke today about the success and failures on growing a small family business alongside other community leaders at the South Atlantic business excellence forum. #southflorida #businessleaders #sergios


Mood all week till MLK ft @sg_johny 😤 ============================ Tag someone who needs to see this❗️ - ✖️ Hit follow if you love Our Page‼️ ✖️ FOLLOW: @sk.t.v @sk.motorhouse ✖️ =============================== #bmx #skatepark #bmxpark #bikepark #redlinebmx #vansbmx #skbikelife #vansskatepark #thesecretbmxshop #thesecretbmx #bmxshop #bmxlife #bikeshop #riderowned #supportlocal #rideeverything #rideordie #bmxordie #sktv #bmx4life #bmxforlife #ridebmx #bmxallday


Acecon Construction Corp is a full service licensed and insured general contractor firm, providing new construction and remodeling services. Our team of motivated professionals shares the company’s value of commitment, dependability and passion. We are there every step of the way, to provide our clients with the utmost excellence in both customer service and quality construction work. #contractor #floridacontractor #construction #constructioncompany #customhomes #spechome


@cpt_blanco with a #largemouth #bass 🎣 Make sure to DM 📩 us a picture/video of your catch or use hashtag #southfloridafishingaction for an exclusive chance to be featured on our page! 🎣🐟



❤️ New Years 2019 Hard Work, A Plan, A Dream plus Consistancy Does Pay Off #southfloridapeace #heartiswearthesunshine #magiccity #Alwaysthankful 🏝🏖🌴