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Þingholtsstræti 5 Reykjavík, Iceland - Places nearby

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I went to Iceland in Feb 2016 and had THE BEST SUSHI in Reykjavik...if you haven’t been to this unreal place, you need to get yourself up, pack your bags, and book a flight now!!! And take me with plz n thx 📸 @sarayvonne90


Ástin mín er orðin 18 ára í dag, ég elska þig útaf lífinu og til hamingju með afmælið❤️ @einar_logim


Jólafríinu fagnað í gær🎉


Afmælisparty🤪 - @rosadanjohansen


Fáránlegur félagsskapur ❤️


Our first restaurant date💙







Forgot about this gem. First night in Iceland 🇮🇸 and ended up meeting the Icelandic king that is @eidurgudjohnsen in @sushisocialreykjavik .. top bloke! Will never forget your overhead kick against Leeds ya fucker haha


Betri vinkonur er ekki hægt að finna❤️


So it begins🍸 📸 the amazing @mirek.tran



Yesterday was the first round of @worldclass we were supposed to compete with @ketelone as the base spirit. The challenge was to create a cocktail with Ketel one vodka and another single ingredient. - I chose to go with grapes. 🍇 So I decided to make a Vodka Martini which is said to be one of the best ways to enjoy Ketel one vodka. - So I made a sweet vermouth ( sweet vermouths are typically made with white wine(white wine is always made with grapes)) I made the sweet vermouth with grapes, raisins, burned grape stems for added bitterness and some dry grape stems. - Then I made some grape bitters for added balance to the cocktail. - First when I was making this cocktail I always stirred the drink, but I only got the notes of the raisins and the vodka but not enough notes of the fresh grapes I wanted so I decided to throw the drink for a bit more aeration. Which sertainly did the thing I was looking for! 🍸 - Then what I did was that I juiced the grapes and dried the pulp to use them as raisins for the sweet vermouth (because #sustainability #recyclingiscool ), then I took the fresh grape juice and put it through a copper distillation pot and had it distilled and made clear ice out of the fresh grape juice, which I used in throwing the cocktail. - The name of my cocktail was "Hoofdstraat Wijnstok" which is dutch for "Mainstreet grapevine". The cocktail is named after the street that the Nolet distillery is located at. - I really enjoyed this single ingredient cocktail challenge and I am certainly looking forward to the next one! --- "Hoofdstraat Wijnstok" 6cl Ketel one vodka @ketelone 2cl home made sweet vermouth 4 dashes home made fresh grape bitters --- . . . Photo captured by the great @mirek.tran Thanks buddy! . . . For more cocktail and bar content visit @mixologists_life . . .