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Almost a year living in Switzerland.🇨🇭 I grew up in Southeast Asia, South Africa and now central of Europe. I have a very good feeling that more things will come for those who is happy by doing what they love especially with their loved ones. I love you so much @nadiiiineli 😁❤️ We’re up here on James Bond Street waiting for productions to cast us for an asian @007 and 2019 Marilyn Monroe 😂 @universalpictures just slide in the DM please 🔫😎 #loveisintheair #switzerland #positivevibes


connecting flight ✈️


Jalur hiking terindah...😍 . Ada di Hardergrat Trail #Swiss! Dari atas, viewnya nggak main-main! Langsung ngeliat empat Pegunungan Alpen: Schreckhorn, Eiger, Monch, dan Jungfrau. Kapan terakhir kali kamu hiking? #CreateMoments #exploreswitzerland #hardergrat (Video: @lucaoliveri90)


Bonjour! Beginilah nasib #solotravel, ga ada yang fotoin, kadang mesti selftimer naro hp di jalanan, ganjel pake benda lain, tripod, minta tolong orang. But it's always fun to travel alone! 😂✌️ #solotravelselfie #europetrip #whendimasinzurich


Avalanche in Switzerland earlier today!! The power of nature is incredible.. Tag someone who has to see this! . 🎥- John Peider Moral . #skiing #thesnowclub #videooftheday #mikessnowclub #avalanche #switzerland #nature #powerofnature


Can you see the slide? It might look small from this scale but that crown wall is probably 2m. One of the many avalanches in the last few days in Verbier - this one self-released- but many have been triggered by people, with a number buried, and rescued, but one fatality in the 4 Vallees. I am sad to see people not taking the time to let things settle and respect the mountains, or for that matter the patrollers whose job it is to rescue them. Some of the faces skied here in Verbier, the first day after the storm, on an avalanche risk 4 is not what freeriding is about in my opinion and I am really disappointed to see people taking these risks. Please remember to respect the mountain, she is greater than you, take it easy today and enjoy it forever. #agoodfreeriderisanoldfreerider #respectthemountains #besafe @recco @reserosafety


tentem não olhar pra minha barriga 😂💙


Hallo from the "Top of Europe"!! At 11,371 feet (3,466 meters) Jungfraujoch is the highest train station in all of Europe...and I caught it on a pretty snowy day, so I couldn't see much other than this flag and the cool underground Ice Palace they have up there. 🏔️ Another bucket list item - visit the Swiss Alps - COMPLETE ☑️


Happy to see that @zueritipp also thinks that #uhrwerk at @hive_club is the #placetobe this weekend. Looking forward to celebrating my #birthday with finest #techno from swedish #grandmaster @carilekebusch, fredy s and myself! #technowins #technolove #technozurich #tezhno #zurichnightlife


L'arc-en-ciel du jeudi ! #arcenciel #rainbow #wintersky




2009-2019 quando il tempo passa con il sorriso... #tenyearchallenge #mybabylove #amoreinfinito #smile #chiedimisesonofelice


„Nul ne peut atteindre l‘aube sans passer par le chemin de la nuit.“:-) (Khalil Gibran) À méditer... « Nur auf dem Pfad der Nacht erreicht man die Morgenröte. » (Khalil Gibran) Darüber sollte man nachdenken...