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Thanks @stluc.chandolin for a great week! Sunny days and cold snow, what more can you ask for? High five to @soderqvistphoto for all the 👌🏼 shots! #teamrollerboys


Hai afară la zăpadă!________________________________________________________They who sing through the summer must dance in the winter ❄️ ________________________________________________________ #winterwonderland #snowgirl #sleigh #aliceinwonderland #alice #alicesiminiceanu_switzerland #red


Comment 😍 if you’ve listened to this weeks episode of @theladygang with one of my fav people in the world @demariojackson_! We dive deep into the BIP *~scandal~*, DeMario and I played a game of “could you be newlyweds” and we fucking crushed it, and we all laughed way too hard for our own good. This is by far one of my favorite episodes EVER!! Listen on iTunes, Spotify, or theladygang.com. 💕⚡️👯‍♀️💋


I bet you were not ready for this change of landscape right? 😆Haha! I love catching you by surprise guys! When I left #Zermatt 3 weeks ago🇨🇭, I went straight to Bahamas🌴 and I had to stop sharing pictures of this winter wonderland but, now that I’m back home, I just feel like showing you a little more... so let’s keep ourselves warm guys because winter is coming back! ❄️🏔❤️ 😊 ________________________________ #upgradeyourwinter #myswitzerland #enamoradosdesuiza #matterhorn


The Schilthorn is a place you have to visit at least one in your life and has one of the prettiest views you’ll ever see. This was the filming location of the James Bond 007 “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” @schilthorn_pizgloria 🇨🇭🚁🏔 #schilthorn #pizgloria #jamesbond #alps #switzerland #jungfrau #dronedaily ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ • • • • #amazingdestination #architectanddesign #instravel #tourtheplanet #travellingthroughtheworld #living_destinations #PGdaily #PGstar #ourplanetdaily #travelphotography #roamtheplanet #passionpassport #theglobewanderer #vacationwolf #traveldeeper #travelblogger #goneoutdoors #awesomeglobe #neverstopexploring #fantastic_earth #awesomephotographers #hiexplorer #unitedbydrone


👌🏼 красивая рама. Плюс к тому-это ещё и Монэ.


Muss denken, muss weiter, muss immer auf dich selbst vertrauen..


If you’re a fan of natural wine, you’ve probably heard of the fabled rarity, Magma. Have you tried it? What do you think about Magma? 🍷 -:-:-:-:- 🍷 A few words about Magma: Harvested at full phenolic ripeness from Frank’s highest parcel on Mount Etna, Barbabechi at 910 meters, Magma is Frank's Grand Cru. Planted around 1910 and North-North East exposed, the parcel captures the first morning sun. This pure Nerello Mascalese from ungrafted old vines produces a profound, rich and elegant wine with character and personality. Only produced in great vintages where full phenolic ripeness is achieved. This wine is for enjoying now, or putting away in the cellar for a very special occasion many years from now.