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Looking for the perfect Christmas Gift? 🎀 What about a bath bomb and a ring, or a bracelet or maybe a watch 💫 Check @goldburgundy jewelry collection and you will definitely find what you are looking for 🌸 #goldburgundy #ad


Happy bday my other half ❤️how I got so lucky to meet you and marry you is beyond me✨thank you for always making me smile , laugh and let me be me as weirdo as I am 😜 #love #couple #birthdayboy


When waking up and seeing snowflakes falling. When walking in beautiful white landscapes and warming up with hot chocolate. When strolling around the christmas market, having some Fondue and first christmas bakery with friends. That special time of the year. @fairmontlemontreuxpalace @swissdeluxehotels


Thankyou to the 45 people I've spent the last 3 weeks with 💗💗 I'll miss you all so much, see you soon 👋🏽


If rain is what you want all you have to do is close your eyes Just close your eyes I am watching resurrection start to crawl Is there any chance in hell, any chance at all? Do we need it, do we see it, is it really there? If rain is what you want then take your seats Enjoy the fall Enjoy the fall


Just for the vibe...



Pazartesileriniz sendromsuz, haftanız mutlu olsun. Bu haftadan tek dileğim tüm günlerinin böyle yaz gibi geçmesi. Yılbaşında da kar falan yağmasın, evde geçen yılbaşında kar yağsa kaç yazar😅 Buradan efsane yılbaşı pazarları paylaşanlara da teessüf ediyorum, giden var gidemeyen var😅🙈 Şaka şaka daha çok paylaşın da gidemeyenler de nasiplensin😓😍


Zurich looking all set for a white Christmas this year. #Zurich



Ajvar Hummus | Sesame Oil | Toasted Pine Nuts | Mint | Chili | Salad | Crackers. Homemade Ajvar. My lunch menu today. What’s yours? 🌶🥗🍃 🌶🥗🍃 🌶🥗🍃 🌶🥗🍃 🌶🥗🍃 🌶🥗🍃 🌶🥗🍃 🌶🥗🍃 🌶🥗🍃 🌶🥗🍃 🌶🥗🍃 🌶🥗🍃




Vier Engel tragen die Schale Feines Porzellan CHF 89.00 #engel, #angel, #schale, #porzellan, #porzellanengel, #antiques, #antik, #flowers, #blumen, #sweet, #deco #filiale brocki.ch Biel


I’m wondering if she needs a bigger bed... #cpv #mondaymotivation #slumber #sleepingbeauty #love #gratitude ❤️🙏🏽



White Christmas