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My favorite kind of yard sale and Tahquitz showing off in the background 🏞


Friday was a gift. I love mountain strolls. #chieflollygagger #hikeitoff #hikeitoffclothing


Getting the eff away from it all


Vibes are good up high


Had a rad time over the weekend climbing White Maiden's Walkway with @gilbertogil_ . Always fun climbing on the big stone. #tahquitz #wmw #bigstone #grapplinghook


Had SUCH a great day out at Tahquitz yesterday! 700 feet of climbing two routes, 3 Pitch, 3-star ‘Left Ski Track’ (5.6) and 4 Pitch, 3.5-star ‘Fingertrip’ (5.7) - with some unintended 5.9 variations haha - made for an awesome 10+ hour day car to car! Super thanks to @zachauvil for keeping the stoke up!! Such a blast! #tradisrad #vhclimbers #mesahold


Had an amazing week bonding with a wonderful group of 11 climbers and hikers getting our wfr certifications. Capped it off with an amazing 3 days of climbing some granite classics in Idyllwild. I can't believe people live here. . . . #climbing #sunset #adventure #getoutside #nature


With only crusty plates of snow in the forest shown mercy by midday shadows, #tahquitz in #idyllwild was basically in fine summer conditions. It makes me happy to climb, sad to see our seasons eroding into dust and fire. #climatechange #winterisntcoming


Here’s a picture of Bob Gaines I took a while back when we climbed finger trip. So glad to have an opportunity to climb with such an incredible guy. Had to post this though cause I think it really is a pretty cool picture. We had just finished the climb and were heading towards the decent.


Hikin and laughin and explorin.


We pleasantly woke up to snow instead of sunshine.....And what a beautiful sight we found.


he was out of “wow” at this point #summit #tahquitzpeak #hiking @__homeboy__


Such an amazing hike and day. Hard to believe this is right in our back yard. #tahquitzpeak #idyllwild #hike #socal #beautifulday #devilsslidetrail


First big hike! ⛰