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Photo by : @travelasylum Congratulations! . 📍INDIA . Keep hashtagging us at #indiaclicks . Team @india.clicks . #india



คนเยอะมากจริงๆ เลยได้ถ่ายจากมุมนี้แทน ☺️


Wandering the world in search of world wonders, wondering which world wonder we'll wander to next #tajmahal #tonguetwister


Have you ever visited Taj Mahal? Tag a friend that would join you for a trip to India. #tajmahal #agra #india #aroundtheworld #travel #trip #beautiful #amazing #views #view


For those of you who are asking, Yes I Vlogged my trip.🕌 It will be up on my channel soon ❤️ . . .


Very few things in life have brought me to tears from its pure beauty, made me gasp in awe, and given me goosebumps with an electric current that ran through my entire body. The Taj Mahal is one of them. I was the third person in line at 5 AM to watch the sunrise at the Taj Mahal, and because of that, I basically had the place to myself for 20 or so minutes before the crowds came in. The Taj Mahal’s energy is divine, her femininity powerful. I could feel her breathing as I walked with my hand against her marble. She is so beautiful, and a reminder to us all of the power of pure love and femininity that exists on this earth. I spent 2 hours sitting and admiring her, forgetting about the world around me. The Taj Mahal is a mausoleum, built for the wife of a man who loved her unconditionally. It’s simple yet it speaks thousands of emotions in one. This monument is a physical manifestation of the love, the beauty that is so prominent in India. It’s the love that courses through the veins of its people, animals, food, mountains, deserts, cities, and beaches. It’s the love that comes with the warm handshake and head bobble of a local. And it’s the love that comes with the majestic beauty that floats around the air of the entire country. I have never felt or seen something so powerful in my life. India, I continue to fall more and more in love with you every single day.



The classic pose when visiting Taj!! #TajMahal #tajmahal #visitagra #trip #traveller #saturday #morning


Touring the globe in our BYOC Films shirts! #represent #filmmakers


I didn't want to make a typical Taj Mahal picture. So let's see the one of the 7 wonders of the world from a different a angle! #tajmahal #agra #incredibleindia #seeasia #travel #wanderlust #7wondersoftheworld #asiagram #travelgram #differentview


Великолепный Тадж Махал


두번째 타지마할


Vi stod tidligt op og så Taj Mahal ❤️💦🙏