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Out and about with our little mushroom! πŸ’› #raveshades #babyluca


I'm thankful for a lot of things. Right now especially my friends & fam who have always been there and always will. But also for finding this gem of a man in the most peculiar of ways, along with some amazing new friends. I'm thankful that they are mature and respectful enough to not only still be friends with me, but also with each other & him. It might seem hard to fathom, however it's a very rare experience we all had together. And hey maybe it's not very 'normal' but neither is finding a Bf on national tv & it's worked out just great⚑️


Skin on skin 😩😩😍 Tag your baby πŸ’–πŸ’– Follow @pleasuresinlife_ πŸ‘…πŸ‘…


Mr August 😏 Made it onto the #taystdairy calendar #likeaboss😎


'' a c t u a l l y '' i need ''πŸ‘‰ πŸ’‹πŸ’ !!


Never be satisfied! Be true to yourself. Although 70 percent of US employees hate their jobs and only one in three Americans report being happy, relentless and unstoppable people purge everything from their life they hate. Have the self-respect and confidence to live life on your terms. When something isn’t right in your life, change it. Immediately. I solute these guys living far from there mother land and families and still making it happen. Lol @its_devsidhu_ next time be more prepare though I hope you picked up some types from us @kaputmuzik @mshars . . . . . #model #new #song #music #video #white #t #gang #newzealand #usa #losangeles #shars #video #director #djironin #punjabi


first shoot in the books (off-season even) πŸ“Ήβœ¨ had so much fun & got some great content! can't wait to share some teasers with you all πŸ™ˆ happy Friday 😎 #musclefuelathlete #comingsoon


Home ❀️ #lovethisplace #nz #papamoa #beach


I took the stage tonight along with some incredibly talented cast members and performed to an audience of 500. So proud to be part of this amazing Mary Poppins show and to experience first hand the magic of being in a musical theatre production. βœ¨πŸ’œ


The Newman Sisters have left the building #thenolansisters #wheresmycondroitin #theblackseeds #coolmedown #mountmaunganui


BlackSeeds were awesome!! #blackseeds #nzbands #liveband #goodtimes




μ‚¬μ§„λŒ€λ°©μΆœ7 2017.09.15


μ‚¬μ§„λŒ€λ°©μΆœ6 2017.09.04 all most every day!! #lunch #flatwhite