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What an amazing day today was. @tescofood have been amazing at allowing me to raise both awareness and money for @dementia_uk. Thanks to the outstanding generosity of the people of Burnley and Tesco's customers, the total raise today was an unbelievable £362.31!! As many of you know, Dementia UK is a charity that is very close to my heart. It felt phenomenal to be able to give people the information they need to help get both their, and their loved ones lives back on track, and made that little bit easier. Today was not easy though, constantly cycling from 10:30am - 3:30pm with minor breaks equaling a total cycling time of 4.5hours! I can't thank everyone enough for being so generous and those who literally stood by me today to help me get through it. It means a lot and this is only the start of my fundraising for such a great charity. I can't encourage people enough to give a small amount of their time to help charities. Honestly the best feeling ever. Thank you.


Spending time with Bae this #SundayMorning ❤☕ #Coffee #GalaxyNote7


When you go Tesco and find brexit is now official affecting the price of a Fredo Frog back in my day theses fuckers were 10p #Cadburys #fredofrog #Brexit #chcolate #PriceHike


Man looking ghost on Tescos


/Northern Quarter at Tesco beach/ 📸 Owen Spencer


Mum, Christmas pyjamas? @carolcryer 🎄


eskalatorowski genkstri und mirko kupil VODU #mealdealrum


Lit Birthday 🔥🔥


Tesco trying to lure me away from my #30daysofvegan via creative Eurythmics cheese promotion. 🧀🎶 #cheese #vegan


Sat in the waiting for the wife. . . #waiting #wifeshopping #satincar #bored


is it fuckin wall


Chilling label for a wine bottle... Looks like he's about to be hung not deported 🙄 #wine #19crimes #tesco #branding #label #admen #winebottle #19crimeswine #deportation


Young Chas and Dave spotted at Tesco..


Yes just yes