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Raise your hand if you don’t want me to go to the airport!? Anyway... Baby doesn’t have her passport yet 🙁, and packing her in my carryon would probably be frowned upon (although she fits)... Packing with you at 3am is #APieceOfCake Hold down the fort (and the farts!) 🛩 #AfroBabies


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Matt’s El Rancho or Moonshine??? 😏


New Hair Campaign for @dhairboutique | Now located in LA #meech213| Models @chasitysamone @sukii_moreno @sosi_babe @cynatabonita | Makeup by @glambycham | Hair @thedivaglam | Hair assistants @hair_so_lovely_ | Studio @royal_lane_studios | Be sure to follow my personal page @lifeofmeech213 | Show some love. Make sure to book your shoots 😌 | [email protected] |


Fitness is endless ... and I love that because it takes so much dedication ... commitment.. and just teaches you so many life lessons .. Mindset is everything that I preach ... change your mind and the body will gladly follow😤🦍😈💪🏽 ________________ #fitness #fit #fitnessmotivation #dedication #motivation #grind #athlete #beast #aesthetic #bodybuilder #ripped #core #gainz #body #flexfriday #brothers #determination #mindset #gym #athletesearch #fitnessmodel #model #motivation #transformation #photography #bodybuilding #instagood #photooftheday #malemodel


Minding my own business, wyd👀? ( no I'm not naked it's a one piece ) 👅Comment emojis 👇🏾 #dallas #texas #latina #ebony #instagood #tuesday


A casual going to the grocery store look 🌺🍋


#DALLAS you did that!! Thank you for the love ❤️ #PassionLikeFireTour 📸: @mo_storyteller 💄: @dvglam 👗: @stylistjbolin . #LeaveItSmokin #PassionLikeFire #Tamia #TamiaHill #Texas


I know. Im sooo cute ❤️


G L O O M Y !


So very #blessed to have such amazing people in my life! #happybossday


Pure Raw Virgin Indian Hair! When you look good you feel good! Curly 14/16 + 16 closure! #hairextensions #dallasstylist #swisslace #bundles #bundledeals #rawvirginhair #rawhair #unprocessedhair


I haven’t turned up for my birthday in 3 year, but the time is nowww!!! 💕✨🌱 [well, Friday - Oct. 19th]⚜️ #houston #ovo #houstonnightclubs #houstonclubs #itsmybirthdaymonth 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 drop some pins! 📍


But of course! There seems way more day than night, but that’s totally on me because there is so much I want to accomplish. #blessedbeyondmeasure


At Outlaw Pass, we’re “laser focused” on giving you more “bang” for your buck! Keep watch for our newest attraction coming soon - an outdoor laser tag arena (aka Snake Creek Battlefield)!! 💥👀🔫🐍👏🏼😁 #outlawpass #happyplace #familyfun #lasertag #victoriatx photographer: @staff_jordan Models: @cheyennem_32 & @brookecarlyann


Not where I want to be but I’ve come far on this weight thing. Must stay consistent. 😳


You know those moments where you see yourself in a picture and think of who you were at the time and it’s awful, like, when I was posing in the picture on the left.. I was in Vegas getting high all the time, wasting my days away with daydreams and star gazing wishing I could celebrate with someone who truly cared for me. It’s heartbreaking to know that my adventures were so amazing but the person I was is so lost and unhappy. I was constantly wishing and praying for acceptance and love. My problem was that I never took my life seriously, I wasn’t living life on Purpose. I could’ve died a number of times, and I’m thankful everyday that I get to live this life. I was constantly surrounded by the people who hurt me more than help me, my circle of trust were demons dressed as angels playing pretend. It felt wrong, I felt disgusted and looking in the mirror wasn’t a thing for me. I never truly smiled and I was constantly comparing everything I had for what I could have instead. That’s some major shit and I have no intentions of ever getting to that point ever again! __________________________________________ I’m beyond blessed with my coaching tribe, they uplift, speak truth, love each other, constantly motivates and teaches with pride what we are capable of. It’s a true blessing for me, and I’ve come so far from that Vegas hippie. I now take way better care of myself and I treat my body with respect. I am a survivor. I am stronger and smarter now because of those stupid mistakes. Take my advice and treat yourself like a gem, you are everything you put in your body so let’s treat it with the respect you deserve. I’m here to support and help you all the way through. 😊 if you have no idea where to start, let’s get you started on a great beginner program that comes with all the works. Workouts, meal plan, equipment, superfood shake, supplements to meet your needs! HMU for more info on how I transformed not just my body but my mind also. Become part of my challenge group called MIND BODY and SOUL challenge 🧜‍♀️ Drop your fav emoji below👇


Bendecido dia!



Me gusta mi nuevo nombre! 🔥⚡️🔥⚡️🔥⚡️


Get those muscles moving with us @ 9:30, Alamo Heights Little League fields (253 Viesca St.). Some sweat and smiles will keep you warm for the rest of the day!