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Hello Cairo, We Meet Again. ⭐️🌒🐫 What Else Should I See Here? #CreateALegacyNotAMoment


😏Передаю привет всем учителям Истории! А за фото выражаю благодарность Амону Ра, Хеопсу, @saya_orazgaliyeva а ещё Тутанхамону, @kompastour , Нефертити и её @nefer_tours 🙌 🤗 И помните, Гора идёт к Магомету, А море идёт каждому!


. Sueño cumplido❤️ . Hemos entrado en la Gran Pirámide, me daba un poco de miedo por todo lo que cuentan sobre el agobio del pasadizo pequeño, pero ha sido mucho mejor de lo que esperaba. Quéops, Quefrén y Micerinos, espectacular de verdad... #LuciernagaEnEgipto



Pyramid selfie 🐪 #GoProHERO6




The last standing structure of the seven wonders of the ancient world, a few other pyramids and I. What a treat.


I think a great photo should have some story behind it. When I just started out taking photos I was thinking a photo should be all-sufficient and hit the spot with its visual order but over the course of time I've realized that really good photos have some great stories behind them. These stories are very important in the context of art. Without them no single collector wouldn't purchase my photos, without them I wouldn't gain my wide popularity in privy. . The photo above is quite a story for me which I'm going to tell for years and years to come. The trip to Cairo for me was one of the first trips abroad. After familiar Russia and civilized Europe, I got into a real mess and chaos. Those days there was serious social unrest in the country, constant rallies and clashes were taking place on the Tahrir Square but it didn't prevent me from living nearby and visiting this place for my lunch. My hotels concierge was some kind of a hobo who would sleep on the floor right next to my door and every time greet me smiling. Arabs were trying to play fast and loose with me, driving up price, being reluctant to give me my change back, trying to slip over the goods and services I didn't want. . The Great Pyramid of Cheops was the main point of our journey and its secure well enough with riflemen. But that doesnt prevent some dare-devils climbing its top sometimes. There are numerous stories, maps and advices on how to do that on the Internet. Me and some other guys decided to try out using some tricks and putting up some local guides to take us to the pyramid at night. But Arabs by virtue of their nature are craftier and more cunning than us and for the whole night long we were riding horses around sand-drifts. We never got to its territory but were made to pay for horse riding anyway. . Continue inside!


Throwback to being on a camel in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Never thought I’d write that sentence. 🎥 @perrygrone


Mandatory 📸


Smile like you mean it 🖤


اما تبقا قاعد علي القهوة مع صحابك وأبوك معدي


When your year 7 history classes come to life! 🙈 #Egypt . . . . #Africa #Cairo #Giza #unbelievable #bucketlist #pyramids #amazing #travel #ancientwonder #egyptianpyramids #traveltalk #tour #tombs



#egypt #kahira #kočička #czechrepublic


Egyptian Event Cairo 2018 - Congratulation to @al.baydaa.stud and Mr Ahmed Talawy on winning : -Junior Champion Filly Razan Al Baydaa -Junior Reserve Champion Filly Kawthar Al Baydaa -Junior Champion Colt Bilal Al Baydaa -Junior Bronze Champion Colt Nayel Al Baydaa -Senior Champion Mare Sondos Al Baydaa -Senior Reserve Champion Mare Dana Al Baydaa - Special Thanks to the All Al Baydaa Team and @vicentevillacastilla for his amazing work !