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Nothing but trouble 🖤🌹


Let’s start this morning off right. BREAKFAST! What’s your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? #julianclark


Summa’ Time Fine 🌴🌞


REPOST from @ditavonteese - Don’t forget about my open call auditions on Monday in Hollywood at the Roosevelt! We’ve had a lot of questions. We are seeing dancers of all abilities, from professional dancers, burlesque dancers, to strippers and variety acts. First we will see dancers in the Blossom Ballroom. We will see variety acts separately at 3pm. We will be showing a few different combinations at noon, from very, very simple movements that just show us how you move, to something slightly more complicated that shows us your skill level. One of the things that I find compelling when I watch a performer is not necessarily fancy footwork; I honestly love performers that convey sensuality and elegance, and a certain kind of ease. Not being able to follow choreography doesn’t discount anyone for me, in fact, some of my favorite performers aren’t technical dancers. In fact, during my ballet years, I used to go to auditions beyond my range of ability, and I would just do my best, I would simplify the combination, or even just hold a pose if I couldn’t follow. Listen, I just attended a ballet class the other day and I completely lost track of the the combination, and so after bumbling through it, I just laughed it off and said it’s the reason I am a solo artist. Truth be told, even at the height of my ballet dancing, I was just a snowflake or a flower in the back just trying to keep up! But where there’s a will there’s a way, and here I am, burlesque dancer. It all worked out just fine, and I didn’t die of embarrassment at ballet auditions. Our audition day is going to be a lot of fun, so don’t feel self-conscious about attending, and wondering whether it’s going to be too difficult. Just a reminder that we are looking for all genders, all ages, all body shapes, all of it! Performers with existing burlesque acts don’t need to bring their costume/act to show; we just want to see how you move. We may follow up with a request for video submissions of specific acts later. Wear what you feel good in, we would love to see you dance in moderate heels if you feel comfortable with that as well. #ditavonteese #burlesque #dance #vonfollies #hollywoodroosevelt


The difference was, I never pretended 🤯


fck the club up.




Summer keeps rolling___ Dates through September 📷 @goodfight


I wish I could time travel 🎩


Sunday chill. #roosevelthotel #hollywood #socal #ca #mericafuckyeah🇺🇸



F U N T I M E S 🎭❤️


L O V E 🎭




Miss 13 😆🎂⚡️ #Leo #birthday #teenager