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I look like a cave man in this pic but that spread tho. Leg cuts are still there on my bulk. 206 lbs 5'10


Had a blast this weekend with all the #WBFF athletes at prep camp and getting a workout in with some of our @teambsh girls! #wbfflaproam is comin in hot!


Accurate representation of how excited I am for basketball season 😈


Morp was da bomb with a bomb girl💣 thanks for taking me Anna!!😘


Views from the 620🏈


Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?


Early morning valentines workout out the way, hope y’all have a good one!




Ya gotta hustle for the muscle. 💪🏼 #gorealaperformance #thejungle #dontbebasic


Me: “Wow, my legs are feeling back to normal-ish after Friday’s leg day” Monday: “Hey get to teach cardio and do leg day again...” 😂 • And let me tell ya.... #gorealaperformance DOES NOT PLAY when it comes to leg day! Hurts so good 💪 #HelloMonday #fitnessinstructor #bodybuilding #mombod


Say, who next bruh ?


What motivates you? Believe it or not, there are great people out there that only want to see you grow. That could be a friend, significant other, parent, and the list goes on. For me it’s been close friends that have kept me goin. I couldn’t ask for better support than these guys give me. Big shoutout to my mom too. @nestle_swole_house @samuelbickel @_ari_air @go.panic You guys don’t know how much you’ve helped me💪🏻


495 x 5... felt light.. y’all wonder why you don’t grow.. because you don’t move heavy ass weight. Get outta your comfort zone and stop going through the motions. Or just join @goreala.performance... • • #tulsa #oklahoma #lift #liftheavy #gymlife #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #squats #gorealaperformance #legday #power #strong


Under all that insulation, there’s a monster in the making. More motivated than ever, and out to prove the world wrong! My first flex Friday, so take it easy on me🤣😂🤣! #flexfriday #babybiceps #monsterinthemaking #keto #nocarbcrew #gorealasquad #bodybuildingmotivation #losingweight #swoleisthegoal


0400 means it’s time to #lift! With my work schedule it’s only feasible for me to lift at 0’dark 30 when the city is dead and the gym is deserted. Mon-Fri I wake my happy a$$ up at 0300 to go hit the gym because there is #nooffseason and my work is #neverdone. Lucky for me I have access to the grittiest and realest bodybuilding gym in Tulsa! @goreala.performance for the win today! Destroyed quads with a little biceps thrown in there because #everydayisarmday 💪 @nanbfederation @ipepros @supportmilitarymuscle @evlsports @jeep #naturalbodybuilder #nanbf #classicphysique #bodybuilding #jeepxj Head to this weekend for a great sale on some great gear! Buy one Give one! Drop my code for an extra 10% off regular priced items: CPTTEEL


Chest and shoulders today! Been absolutely destroying every workout and it’s been paying off! Check out the tags to see some more freaky gorealas