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4100 IL-53 Lisle, Illinois - Places nearby

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Slowly but surely 🐾 Thank you to everyone who supported me while I was away


Kristen and cami also visited me this weekend but they aren’t pictured because they forgot to pay the troll toll


How much has changed in just one year! ♥️


I’ll never run out of pics from this trip 👻


Tonight was definitely not your average walk through the woods. The brilliant lights & music at @mortonarb #illuminationTMA was awesome. Much respect to the creativity and hours that must have went into creating this experience. Well worth the frozen fingers.


Today is Sam’s 29th birthday 🥳 He has accomplished so much this year. I’ll share some photos here 🤗 He has a cute face, He ran a big race. 🧔🏻🏃🏻‍♂️ He got a tattoo in Austin Rented a Jeep to get lost in 👍🚙 He threw an island bash He grew a pencil ‘stache 🌴👨🏻 Ate a lot of Gene & Jude’s Won division champs with some dudes 🌭🏒 He held a baby who didn’t cry His wife crashed a snowmobile and he didn’t die 👶🏼❄️ Happiest birthday, Sam 😘 I know next year will be even more amazing


So blessed to have this beautiful woman by my side and to be the mother of our little girl ❤️


a sweater & joggers? Yeah, no thank you #illumination #ahoenevergetscold


Trolling and channeling Dayman in my yellow #trollhunttma #troll #arboretum


#trollhideout. Found it!



Amalgamated with #nature. 🌲💚


Attending a tree inventory workshop at the Morton Arboretum today. Even in winter its a beautiful place.


I have a ride along partner tonight and he’s ready for anything! A think a kid gave me him awhile ago and I just found him in my bag. I think he needs a name. #onduty #security #securityservices #ranger12 #backup #1042 🗣🇺🇸