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If you want it ,work for it. It's that simple #happysunday #workweekstarts


Be a life long learner... Most people stop there education when they leave school! Now more than ever with the rapid changes in technology we need to be constantly evolving and progressing! Even staying the same means your getting left behind! No matter what I do even watching movies I can’t ever watch no escapism film that has no real world benefit to what I’m doing on a daily basis! Even watching sport I ain’t no blind supporter just coz “that’s my team” I’m watching the strategists run plays and focusing on the behind the scenes business moves. Out clubbing I’m networking making friends with key people who I can give value to and in return we both benefit! Every thing now is for a REASON... Partner up with key ppl and grow! 🙏 Even the darkest times are lessons if you properly analyse what happened and add that arsenal to your skill set to ensure that never happens again.....




Exploring the city in the Range Rover Velar ❤️❤️ I was just casually driving along and the seat began to massage my back 😳😁 what moment! . . Thanks to @landrovermena for letting me have a go 🏁🏁 . . #dubai #mydubai #dubaicars




Luna🐺 #beach


[ spending our last nights in Dubai together ] 👋🏼


Little melodrama never harms 💁🏻‍♀️😘 #performer - in house talent @himanirajat How you react when you see a frnd after a long time! How you rate the food at a restaurant 🧐 #dubai #dubaippl #delhigirls #hyper #overrmotional #foodbloggers be like😉 #overthetop #funny #fun #dubai


During an amazing experience at @goldenmgalleria in #dubaipalm I made a stop @thefaceshopuae 🌸✨ to discover all secrets behind the korean beauty from skin, hair, body, makeup && anything else you can think of! Swipe to the right to see what I have selected!



❤️🌅 Driving around the Palm at 6p.m can reveal hidden spots for watching magnificent sunset . . . . #atlantisthepalm #dubai #placestovisit


Nice to meet you bro @samratumaitavuki #welivelife #hardwork #dubai