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and i'll call it: "pretty lady in a record store".


Best friends are the best kind of friends. These two, friends for 25 years, were lucky enough to celebrate their 40th birthdays together this year. Before you know it we'll be celebrating their 40 years of friendship too. 😯💕HBD @hairbyaviva & @liahalloran


Thank you all for the birthday wishes 😘


Guarde bem este rosto e esta voz, glamourosa! Esse é Gabriel-Kane Day Lewis (@gabrielkaneofficial), 20 anos, filho do premiadíssimo ator britânico Daniel Day Lewis, músico em comecinho de carreira, que acaba de lançar seu primeiro single (de composição própria), "Ink into my Veins". Depois que desfilou pra @channelofficial, de braços dados com Julianne Moore, o guapo caiu nas graças dos fashionistas e, agora, virou o novo rosto do perfume Black XS - Los Angeles, da @pacorabannefragances, ao lado da cantora Sky Ferrera. A editora @allinedauroiz está em Los Angeles, na loja de discos The Record Parlour, onde ele fez um pocket show exclusivo pra #globocondenast, e comprovou: sim, Gabriel é um fofo! "Não sou modelo. Mas faço trabalhos como modelo pra garantir minha independência financeira, porque ainda não consigo viver de música", diz ele. Pronto! Já estamos in love! ❤ #glamourviaja #glamouremlosangeles


Today the Vinyl collection started. 🌾


Loved meeting and playing for LA fans last night ❤️ Thank you @spotify for making it happen! #SpotifyFansFirst


This is why #ILoveLA #Vinyl #Free #Records



#45 sale at @therecordparlour! FYI, they have a separate section for Queens hip-hop!


Stop by @TheRecordParlour and check out the massive #Swing and #Jazz #RecordCollection justin- all titles $5.98!!! #VintageVinyl #BoxSets #DukeEllington #FatsWaller



Yeaassssss!! Finally got it!! In vinyl!! #love #dope #what #bomb


listen to music that fuels your dreams


diggin in the crates... 🎧 #therecordparlour #losangeles #vinyl #dj #turntables #music


Something I needed back in my life! #pablocruise #littlegirloftheseventies #worldsaway #igotorio #treasure #yachtrock


10.1.17 _______________________________________________________ Going into a record shop to find an album, ep, single, etc. & leaving with five other things all the while discovering other artist is one of the many beautiful qualities of vinyl. Digging through stacks, racks, rows & isles of thousands & thousands of records will never get old to me. There’s no greater feeling than digging for hours & finding something you don’t have & have always wanted. I love the smell of aged vinyl, I love its crisp sound, I love the reading the inner sleeve. I live for all of these moments; I love vinyl.


Still here spinning that FUNK!! Come by and buy some records y'all #djcalisoul #goodmusic #therecordparlour #vinlyjunkie


Came home with these three ladies from @therecordparlour 💁🏻🎶💃🏻🖤🙌🏼


I was meant to come in here today 😻 #melbamoore


Tomorrow afternoon I'll be spinning @therecordparlour come listen to some groovy tunes while you shop #djcalisoul #vinlyjunkie #therecordparlour #goodmusic


A year ago at the Country Music Hall of Fame, Steve and I heard a couple tracks from this band. We've both been looking for their long out of print lps since then. Today, L.A. delivered. #vacationallieverwanted #vinyl #records #countrymusic #areacode615


First stop #vinilo