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6408 Selma Ave Los Angeles, CA - Places nearby

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Shoutout to @beatsbydre for this great event & free vinyl during all-star weekend! Of course I had to grab the one & only PRINCE! 🙌🏾☔️ #NBAAllstarweekend #BeatsbyDre #Hollywood #Prince #Vinyl


Ain’t nothin’ but a G thang, bb. 😘🥀 📸: @jonlopez13


Guarde bem este rosto e esta voz, glamourosa! Esse é Gabriel-Kane Day Lewis (@gabrielkaneofficial), 20 anos, filho do premiadíssimo ator britânico Daniel Day Lewis, músico em comecinho de carreira, que acaba de lançar seu primeiro single (de composição própria), "Ink into my Veins". Depois que desfilou pra @channelofficial, de braços dados com Julianne Moore, o guapo caiu nas graças dos fashionistas e, agora, virou o novo rosto do perfume Black XS - Los Angeles, da @pacorabannefragances, ao lado da cantora Sky Ferrera. A editora @allinedauroiz está em Los Angeles, na loja de discos The Record Parlour, onde ele fez um pocket show exclusivo pra #globocondenast, e comprovou: sim, Gabriel é um fofo! "Não sou modelo. Mas faço trabalhos como modelo pra garantir minha independência financeira, porque ainda não consigo viver de música", diz ele. Pronto! Já estamos in love! ❤ #glamourviaja #glamouremlosangeles


Fun w ♥️ @caaas (only one that brings a real smile out), the legendary 📸 @mikemillerphoto and 🎧@beatsbydre


Out here #beatsbydre


me too biggie me too...


📸: @mikemillerphoto 🙋🏿‍♀️: @elletheartist #NBAAllStar x @beatsbydre


So, 45 minutes into my set @thegyptianlover pops in and takes over. I won't get over this soon. He's the most skilled DJ I've ever had the virtue to look at do his thing up close 💯💯💯


Crate diggin w/ @paolashanelle - s/o @beatsbydre for hooking up a couple of our fav vinyl albums


Blessed with a social butterfly 🦋 thank you @beatsbydre for the vinyls and hospitality 🙌🏽💕✨


but every time me + @koolboblove link up we start talking holistic living 😂🥦✨ thanks @mikemillerphoto for this epic @beatsbydre portrait (ps miss you @stretcharmstrong!)


a good day at the office when you dig in the crates w/ the legends @alishaheed @koolboblove @djclarkkent (esp when the records are free 😛) AND you get to eat donuts while DJing 🍩✨ thanks @beatsbydre for having me celebrate #allstarweekend with ya!


• B E A T S • 🎧 📸 By: @jonlopez13


HYFR 🎧✨ now I must go take care of myself after this All-Star Weekend.


when @glassface sends you the final video for #Troop ft Smino 😱


Was at a cool record pop up digging through some hard to find classics when in walked a legend... #hiphop #vinyl #AllStarWeekend