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Going to go on record here, and say that I’ve vinyl-ly found my calling... $2 bargain bin records for my dream house collection.🤩 #mysuitcaseisgoingtobeseverelyoverweight #sorrynotsorry #therecordparlour #records #vinyl 📷: @ashtonsage


I have been so busy I have been slacking on sharing my kiss wax! Found in the wild Kiss Alive red OB filmworks Japan Edition which is a number 5 on the collectability scale. Got this at freakbeat records on Ventura Boulevard a couple months ago almost fell down when I saw it in the racks! Also cataloging my KISS wax I discovered I have a stack of 7 (!) ALL unopened, sealed with hype stickers, Gene Simmons 1983 Polygram issue records! A fan gave me this whole stack of these! I didn't know they were a #5 on the collectability scale!! Fun fun fun!! Hoping I have a #6 somewhere!! I have an unfair advantage in KISS Wax collecting. People bring me albums. And stores call me cuz they know I'm a nut. Case in point: the The Record Parlour in Hollywood just purchased the Entire Record Collection of Bob Coburn, the legendary host of the Rockline radio show. In his collection, Bob had a mint White Label Promo copy of The Originals as well as a Promo copy of Unmasked. They called me right away. They were both mine within the hour. I don't think Bob Coburn was a huge KISS fan. I say this because spinning the 1st KISS disc of the white label Originals now, I can safely say this has NEVER been played before. Until today that is! Sound is pristine, unbelievable. Another 5 on the collectability meter!! Dammit I gotta have a 6 here somewhere! Lotsa 5's! Just unfolded the Unmasked poster for the 1st time... And it's autographed by Gene in a silver pen. THANK YOU Record Parlour!!!!!! Damn. 3rd is the 1st pressing Japanese Dynasty complete with Obi + booklet given to me for my 50th birthday by fellow KISS freak Jeff George !! Thank you buddy you know what I like!!! Ladies + gents 2 more #5's : - Hotter than Hell Canada Camel Label - KISS ALIVE! We have a 5! CRC Blue Label


FaceTime me, bitch. 📸: @strangers_in_a_fire #voicemails


When i find Frank Sinatra ⚡️❤️🙏🏼


Crate digging early at this record blowout. Found a stack of goodies for cheap. Pics of the loot coming. Special thanks to Mel for putting up with this long endeavor, and helping me crawl through the boxes on boxes of #records #cratedigger #vinylcollection #recordcollector #teamwork


A month ago before you were my husband I didn’t think I could love you any more. I now know that I was wrong. I fall more in love with you every day. You are so strong and so kind. I can’t imagine life without you Ian. You’re my rock. You’re it babe.


Buy one album, get 100 free! I spent two enjoyable hours going through hundreds of albums to find good music. I didn’t buy the Jim Neighbors album.


Sold out show at the @therecordparlour in LA tonight. My voice feels a little melted from all the rehearsal... but we’re gonna rock it anyway. #zaydewolf


This is why @lawhenitsizzles dresses me. And has always guided my look when I need to look like an adult and not always like a hot topic kid. I direct her, she teaches me to fashion.


Wow! A reminder that there are hot records in your area


Photobombing my own pic.. @samaramartins__ searching for the best album ever #recordstore vibes #music @therecordparlour #funtimes @lippsla #lippsla


Shot the babes of @concretekisstheshow a couple weeks back. Here is lead singer @djbadash having her afternoon rye. . . . . . #blonde #redlips #babes #whiskey #singer #concretekiss #djbadash #sexy #flashphotography #lingerie #arsenic #offtherails #blondeshavemorefun