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The Ritz-Carlton 15000 North Secret Springs Drive Marana, AZ - Places nearby

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This trip was a celebration of baby number three (in Dec), seven years of marriage (in Nov) good health and so much more. #thankful


Me: Take the pic from far away so we look skinny ☀️🌵 #thankyouhenry #reunitedanditfeelssogood


An electrifying time @mindbodygreen #mbgrevitalize conference!!!


Excited to be a participant of You.We.All. In awe of our dear friends @colleenwachob @jasonwachob and whole @mindbodygreen #mbgrevitalize team for building a wonderful & expansive community where everyone is invited and shares the mission of doing better for each of us so we can do better for all of us. We started @stralayoga around the same time as mbg was born and it’s been wonderful to be inspired, have co-conspirators, good friends who listen to you when you feel stuck, and celebrate you when you are free. All of us at stråla have the mbg community to thank for years of support and encouragement. It’s wonderful to co-create and help as much as we can while we are here. Today I’m leading Love Loops (an expansive take on friend ship bracelets with intention to connect us all) thanks to my friends @woolandthegang for hooking up the gear, then, of course, I lead the yoga. Ahhhh. The ease. Excited to spread it. You can tune in on to engage with the inspiring speakers and panels. Wave to me in the audience. 🌵 #stralayoga #mindbodygreen


Morning hikes. A fermented feast. And the brightest minds in wellness. 🌵 #mbgrevitalize Thanks for hanging with us @fittybritttty!


How did you learn to heal yourself? Where did you learn self-love? Who taught you how to meditate? When was the first time you successfully managed feelings of anxiety and depression?🍃 I am still learning and growing everyday but I didn’t even have thoughts about these questions until I was already in practices of self-harm and destruction in my late teens. What if we could help others learn these tools before they even needed them? Why aren’t we teaching these practices in school? Do you feel self-care should be part of the education process?✨ I’m so grateful for @mindbodygreen for creating access to information that can help us grow and expand throughout our life. My mind can’t help but wonder what life would have been like if I had learned there were options before I was diagnosed with IBS, hormonal imbalances, eating disorder, inflammation, anxiety, depression, ptsd, adrenal fatigue...not one of these things at once, but each followed by a prescription and then inevitably a new diagnosis months later- this went on for years of my life.😞 If you are stuck in a spiral of diagnoses and feeling worse not better- medicine may help- but it doesn’t have to be your only tool.🙏🏼 #mbgrevitalize


Surreal rainy morning in the desert. My taxi driver told me it has been the longest dry spell in Arizona in more than 18 years ... and then the skies opened up! Grateful for this amazing day. Thank you #mbgrevitalize


We are happy to report that the rest of Team mbg has made it back to Brooklyn, which means it's time for us to thank you all for making this year's #mbgrevitalize the best one yet! 💚 To everyone who attended the event or followed along from home, and to all of our partners -- we truly couldn't feel more grateful.✨ To us, community is everything and that's all thanks to you. We can't wait to continue all of the conversations that started in the desert into the rest of 2018. 🔥 Until next year! 🌵💕👋 // 📷: mbg founder + CEO @jasonwachob and co-founder + chief brand officer @colleenwachob #mindbodygram #mndflmoment #mbgtropicanakids #wellnessweekend




desert spiny lizard



Saying goodbye to this beautiful view and looking forward to squeezing our babies soon! ❤️


Magical final nights of summer. What a wonderful weekend in Tucson, there’s something unbelievably peaceful about being in the desert. Anyone agree?


No makeup and several margarita pitchers=197 takes to get this photo #swollen #hateit #butbetterthantheother196