The Volcano of Santorini Photos on Instagram

Santorini Thíra, Kikladhes, Greece - Places nearby

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Swimming in the ocean be like this. Try swimming in 17 Deg waters... you’ll come back as pretty as Cleopatra.



Was worth the orange hair 💙


Jerome and I had such a romantic week together in Santorini... didn’t plough him into any telephone wires this time which is always a bonus! 📷@drewftaylor #phantom4pro #dji #santorini #storror


Would rather be on a yacht in Santorini sinking a Greek tinny but happy hump day 💁


#throwback #santorini #yunani ❤️


40 Things I like today at 40. . 1. Turning my pockets inside out and finding that I don’t have any more f***s left. . 2. Not waking up with a hangover. Or a woman with eyeliner on. Ha-ha. (No, jokes.) . 3. When my 3 year old son says, “I’m so tired.” As if he also can’t manage to get through to Zuku. . 4. When I wear a trouser and find a ka loose 1K in its pocket that I didn’t know I had. Those are God’s tricks when he is bored. . 5. Tamms. ( When she isn’t moody and mysterious.) . 6. That emoji of someone doing cartwheels. I just discovered it. I’m tempted to use it on clients. . 7. Anything with Samuel L Jackson in it. He doesn’t even have to do or say anything, just stare into the camera. . 8. That at 50, Toni has kissed enough frogs and is now ready for me. . 9. Appreciating the swim upstream - and away from other swimmers. . 10. Brown chapos, white chapos, chapos made from carrots, in fact chapos made from anything but warus. . 11. The view from my room right now. It’s like an artist’s reconstruction of an orgasm. . 12. That kuku choma at Explorer Tavern- at 11pm. . 13. People who don’t call me “Steve” or even better, “Mr. Jackson.” . 14. When airport security reads my passport and asks “any relation to Steve Biko of South Africa?” and I say, “Yes. Uncle.” 🙄 . 15. Carrying my Kindle to the loo. . 16. Kim. . 17. When I get an SMS saying; KES XX was deposited in your account ending 8300. Available balance is now XXX. . 18. People who can’t pronounce “with.” : “Are you coming wis us?” “I’m coming wis a bang.” ”Am I safe wis them?.” (I could go on and on.) . 19. Oh, and anybody who says “sigisti.”: “Rent there is sigisti two thousand.” He-he. They make me so happy. . 20. Glenmorangie single malt served in a glass with a voluminous bottom. Neat. .Read the rest of the 20 on Facebook. #bikozulu #glenmorangie