The Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas Photos on Instagram

6 Kai Ala Dr Lahaina, Hawaii - Places nearby

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being a morning person has its benefits. There are times I wish I didn’t wake up before the sunrise, but then I would miss amazing moments like this one. I’m grateful I get to experience quiet moments like this, when most people are still asleep. It’s the perfect time for self reflection and appreciation. Are you a night owl or an early bird?? #alexcurtiswellness


I might as well post a picture rn since there’s nothing else to do in the rain and cold. Everyone’s on Instagram anyway🌈 #ripsummer #sunburnsarebetterthanfrostbite


Paradise minus you. *I say to my dog


That west side resort life, chillen poolside, found a honu to swim with, ran out of gas for the first time ever on the way home and then hit up Mulligans, wonderful Sunday! @hannahsmansteve @mario_min @courtneycole1 @jillymilly915


Gorgeous day? You bet. Stunning view? Absolutely. But I'm concerned about that Mayo bakin' in the sun. #dontorderthetunasalad #goaheadhavesome #illpass #idoubledogdareya


Unwind in the Hawaiian sunshine this weekend @westinkaanapali. (📷: @katgaskin)


🧐🧐🧐🧐 “How can I convince mom to let me swim in this water. Hmmmm” #whatisitwithherandwater #answerwasNO #vaca2018 #fullofsurprises #lotsofTBcoming


There’s too many things I haven’t done yet.. too many sunsets I haven’t seen 🤙🏼 #mauisunset #hawaiilife #hawaii


Solstice sunsets. #spglife


Honestly, isn’t this how everyone vacations? Amazon prime with sound through the amazon tap and Mario Party on the switch. 👌🏻 #Superbad #smittysinmaui #farklefamilyvacation2018 #westinkaanapalioceanresortvillas #bestvacation #whattimeisit #mclovin


Total relaxation is B in an epic bubble bath. We will be in the same predicament tonight. #bubblebathsrule #smittysinmaui #farklefamilyvacation2018 #lushbathbomb