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Scenes from inside the Witch House. Who plans on visiting Salem this year? 🔮


Let us never forget the bravery of the first witches to come out of the broom closet after the legalization of witchcraft in 1951! It is hard to imagine that a country that is known to be so modern condoned the prosecution of a people group, simply for what they believe until just the last century. Witchcraft has not even been legal for 70 years! The practice goes back for thousands of years, making it the most ancient form of magick and religion. It is still hard for people to come out of the broom closet. I hope to see a progression of change from the close mindedness of the past in the years to come. . . . . . . #witch #witchcraft #witches #witchesofinstagram #spells #spell #castingspells #wicca #wiccansofinstagram #wiccan #goodwitch #magic #magick #thecraft #aesthetic #witchaesthetic #aestheticwitch


[PLEASE SWIPE] you can see more of the close up detail. I'm a sucker for textures so I almost always add some but it's really hard to see on Instagram. ty @bell4trixx @yume_yokai for the hosts this week!! #drawing #comics #comicbooks #comicart #illustration #witch


It was a pleasure to speak once again at the Witch House in Salem this weekend. I am always genuinely moved to deliver talks on early modern magic in this historic building and living museum. Thank you to everyone who came out for this sold-out show to hear about cat magic. . . . #thewitchhouse #salem #salemmassachusetts #catmagic


Ride my broomstick bby


Ведьмин дом savages - adore


Hi mtv , welcome to my crib! 👻


our quick visit to Salem last night made me a little sad because we visit so often and soon we will be hours away. I’ve had a lot of happy memories here over the years 🖤


Happy Halloween, witches !




The Jonathan Corwin House, better known to Salemites and visitors as #thewitchhouse , was throwing off a bit of a spooky vibe this morning. Which isn’t easy for house to do when covered in snow. :-)


Getting our history on #ashleyryantravels