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Birthday 🎂🎁 month #TimesSquare #NYC 🗽 #gabrielvalenzuela #Gemini


Rolezin com os truta... NYC de bike vai que vai 😉


Times Square what’s poppin


I had to hold the pose for a long time 😂 #tb to NYC last year 🗽


“Landed The Jet Tampa Bay, Young N*gga Sliding Thru @jaboowins3 Estate...” 💯🔥 #BabyRichGang


last late night in times square - it started raining immediately after I took my shirt off 💦


Happy Birthday brotha‼️💉 Hope you enjoyed it💪🏼 #dayones






Nueva York, Estados Unidos 🇺🇸


I W A N T M Y M T V 📺 🍎 #timessquare #mtv #iwantmymtv #nyc #tb #touristlife #trl #throwback


🖤Appreciation post for my best friend, my other half, my partner in crime, my husband and simply the love of my life. This is absolutely unrelated to fitness - but it’s definitely part of what my life is about. Finding the love of your life is nothing but easy. For some it happens quickly, I’ve always been one to be very independent but it’s with this one I tied the knot with. Be with someone who is happy just watching you sleeping because he knows how much of light sleeper you are, be with someone who is happy watching you eat because he knows it’s not always easy with your restrictions. Be with someone who is happy seeing you happy. And be happy seeing them happy. This way, everyone’s happy and all haha. 🇫🇷 Happy July 14th to my Frenchies around the world, and to you @pellirojo baby we are fireworks 🎇


A Constellation of Vital Phenomena | Anthony Marra | Times Square in the wee hours of the morning :: Like having a bowl of warm, steaming soup outdoors in a frozen woodland - the unforgiving Chechen setting yields to a bittersweet (and occasionally sappy) tale of the bonds that tie us together. Best read on a journey through a land with cold, harsh winters. . . #bookpacking #aconstellationofvitalphenomena #anthonymarra #bookstagram #timessquare #bibliophile #ireadeverywhere #travelgram #bookish #booksintheair #nyc #bookstagrammer #bookporn #bookpackingreviews #instabooks #readtheworld #bookstagrammer #newyorkgram #citylights


no caption needed


Land of the free. Home of the brave.




Happy Birthday Rachel! I love you in the freezing cold from Time Square wearing coats that weight more than we do to Toronto to •insert country and date when we book our Winter Break excursion•! I hope you have an incredible day and enjoy your last couple of years in Tornado until I drag you to the USA 🇺🇸 💖🇨🇦. PS: if you don’t play @taylorswift song 22 today I will be disappointed on so many levels! #birthdaygram #birthdaygirl #feeling22


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