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Casually acting casual ⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️


(How to align with your path) Accept what is. Make peace with wherever you are. Open your heart. Become aware of the play that is happening. Break down realities, patterns, programs and unconscious beliefs. Chose love. . Being aligned means being able to move in and out of the dance with ease, grace and fluidity. Being aligned means being able to go through cycles and change with trust, presence, vulnerability and awareness. . You will experience many set backs along the way which some may consider tests but these are actually initiations into higher dimensions that you set up. At every new spiritual station there will be initiations and tests and yet the call from Source will become stronger and more undeniable. There will be many tests to see if you will allow yourself to be distracted by what is not meant for you. People will come in your life and try to test you to see if you love them more then you love yourself. . Remember there is a divine plan that is written for you. So rather than trying to control life and outcomes ask for guidance and signs along your path. Whatever you feel has been lost to you, if it is part of the divine plan for your life, it will be returned to you in another form. Many people are thrown off the scent of true destiny by fate.They’re distracted from their path because they settle for too little too soon. The control systems are attempting to hold on for dear life but the destiny is clear for those souls choosing ascension. Photography by Grace oh.


Welcome to my show 🎪


Everyone wants to be accepted for who they are, but what if who you are is not shining through properly. Instead of feeling rejection, find what’s not aligned and the make changes to become the best version of yourself possible. Become the person that you always knew you were.


Karissa Kane for


awww @haleylux_ took my picture :) also this chair reminds me of the sims


Very grateful for this one! So much more to learn from you! Thank you my dear friend!


Everything I own is covered in your vomit. And, still, I can’t get enough of you ☀️ #jokesonme #mama


Speechless on the colors here! 😱 @nicori0707


As if relieved, these 2 passed out in my lap within minutes of @briannamadia update that Dagwood made it through surgery with all 4 legs! Missy (on top) and Bruno, her son, would love to explore with you, Dags, once you’re feeling up to it of course. Time to focus on healing, my friend. #talktodagwood #dogfam



Dance as Sadhana workshop! November 2nd - 4th with master teacher Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya The sacred Arts of the priests of Nepal is a dynamic yogic discipline for healing and transformation. The movements and meditative elements effect profound changes of mind and body. The goals of the dynamic movement are yogic mastery of the body, refinement of the emotions, and deepened spiritual awareness. This workshop introduces the theory of the movement style and accompanying visualizations and chants. Participants will be guided through basic movements breath, and stillness and yogic mudra including Refuge Prayer Dance. Mudra leads to the understanding of our own individual Mudras and culminates in realization of Mahamudra (enlightenment) This workshop is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in healing arts, sacred movement, meditation, Buddhism, or Asian practices and performance traditions. Schedule: Friday November 2nd, 7 - 9PM: Public Introduction, open to all, by donation Saturday and Sunday November 3 - 4: 9 AM - 6PM Residential or non-residential options #dance #sadhana #movement #mudra #vajrayana #newaribuddhism @purelandfarms


A kemosahbe in need is a kemosahbe indeed. #halloweencostume


Luna’s smile is so genuine and pure.


When the sky and the ocean are blended into one another #sunset #ocean #nightbeach #california #autumn #sky #color