Toronto Pearson International Airport Photos on Instagram

6301 Silver Dart Dr Toronto, ON - Places nearby

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Best way to start the holidays ❤️


Two pics of Air Canada’s 777-300ER (C-FITU) being dispatched and the forward Business Class cabin prior to boarding for AC27 Toronto-Shanghai back in September. How does she look (both inside & out)? #aircanada #boeing #777 #pushback #departure #toronto #shanghai #staralliance #flight #ac27 #signatureclass #businessclass #boeing777 #flytheflag #newlivery #cfitu #yyz #pvg #airport #planespotting #avgeek #b777 #airportlife #september #travel #canon #interior #cabin #interiordesign


Actual representation of me going to put my degree to use and working that PIPE (private investments in public equity, get your head out of the gutter)


Good 😼 he know I got that leave-in ....Period🤪


You guys seem to like these before and afters, so here's another one! Emirati whale 🇦🇪🐋 on the final stages of her journey to Toronto. My first A380 flight was on Emirates! - - - - - ©OneMoreWeekToGo Aviation and travel photography - - - - - #aviationphotography #airplanephotography #a380 #emirates #emiratesa380 #airlinegeek #avgeek #megaplane #instagramaviation




As my schedule is pretty much always on call, it’s rare to get guaranteed time off! However I just got 2 weeks off and left to Guatemala City on this @embraer climbing a volcano tomorrow so won’t be near phone most of time but lots of pics to come soon!


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Canada 🇨🇦 it was a short + sweet trip but worth every moment to spend time with my family 💫 Are you traveling this Christmas, if so where?


It's going down.