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Andre De Grasse! It was awesome to see his practice in person and practice at the same track course with him. Very talented athlete. He won the bronze medal for 100m and the silver medal for 200m behind Usain Bolt at Rio 2016 Olympics Games.


Twilight meet fun. Also a video of how to not finish a jump 🏃🏻‍♀️👌🏻


Feeling like myself again! 💥Next stop: Shanghai DL #PeepThoseLandings #HighJump #GoPro


T H E. Q U A R T E R. W A Y . . 🎶🎵: Complicated Styles - @sprinterharris


I’m excited to be launching the Andre De Grasse Family Foundation this Thursday at the place where it all began for me, York University’s track. I’ll be there to share some of our plans and cheer on the athletes competing at the OFSAA Central Regional Track and Field Championships. All event winners will receive the above T-Shirt. Looking forward to seeing you all there! SITE🙏🏼


Congratulations to the fastest man in the world #AndreDeGrasse on launching the Andre DeGrasse Family Foundation. ADGFF will empower & inspire youth through sport and education. It’s vision reflects Andre’s mantra, to ‘Speak It Into Existence’. Stay tuned to #Etalk next week for my interview with Andre and his mother, Beverly. #singlemompower


#tbt to when I got to watch @emmakerr3 and @alywhite4 run their last high school races at OFSSA 2018 and my last strength session with Cade and Emma. Cade you were one inflexible athlete when we first met and am happy to say I've never seen anyone work so hard improve their mobility and flexibility. You set a great example for the future tight athletes of CTAC! Emma and Aly, it's been a pleasure working with you two the last few years. You've both had your ups and downs but it's safe to say you finished your high school running careers on a high note. @annaturner10 and @kylie.holman I don't have a photo with you two but I wanted to wish you guys the best of luck in university! You always managed to entertain me in our 7am strength session. Don't ever forget the loud dude who coughs and makes a scene at the gate! #theperformancelab #betterfaster #razonstrong #crosscountry #running #run #athletics #trackandfield #tracknation #pitching #strengthandconditioning #athletes #sprints #workout #powerlifting #fitness #strength #ncaa #crossfit #plyometrics #baseball #basketball #hockey #ncaa #mlb #nba #strength #power


2nd place, 5.84m. I just wanna learn how to hang


Fun while it lasted, ✌🏾 out high school track #headbandgang


I was sceptical at first because I hate everything cold, but @gamereadyofficial cold + compression is amazing! Thanks for patching me up, guys!


Hardware!! Nice silver Nick!


@_busola.a follows up her @ofsaatrackandfield2018 record performance with a new pb in the #longjump in 5.30m for silver and another gold in the #triplejump in 11.51m at @royalcanadianlegion #districtd


Happy Father’s Day to my best supporter and best training buddy


Lets talk about multifidi. 🧐 “Transverso-spinalis”(multifidus) provides inter-segmental spinal extension/rotation, and are therefore responsible for SHORT-RANGE control. They are intrinsic core muscles, acting directly on our spine for stabilization, and almost always involved in low back pain. They atrophy faster than any other muscle in the body, as quick as 2-3 days after injury if you dont exercise. Some clinical Pearls: 🥇. Absence of multifidi lead to disc herniations - retraining multifidi in these populations are essential. 🥈. Worth assessing in those that are hyperlordic - as these people cannot eccentrically load multifidi. 🥉. Lumbar erectors (global extensors) are synergists and also innervated by posterior rami nerves. These larger erectors are typically upregulated (due to poor posture) which down-regulates the multifidi. This is bad news as multifidi are critical for inter-segmental stabilization. Release erector spinae and activate multifidi. 🎖🏆 #therapy #anatomy #medicine #education #lowbackpain #backpain #core #strength #manualmedicine #physiotherapy #sport #training #study #muscle #stabilization #rehab #spine #treatment #multifidus #injury #physio


Congrats says @brittcrew the former @ofsaa and Interscholastic Record holder to @trinity.tutti the new @ofsaa and Canadian Interscholastic Record holder @athleticscanada see them at @athleticsont Championships in a couple of weeks


They came out very late in the season prefering to play basketball instead but we took on the challenge to mould them into good competent s printers. We wanted gold and atop the podium but so stubborn was the developmental process, it seemed like the task was hopeless. Nevertheless we plodded on and here is the fruit of our labour. Sunny the anchor runner making up a 6m deficit to bring home BRONZE. #MostFullfillingFeeling #MidgetWarriors