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Amazing! Just how I pictured it... Exited for a new experience 😈 #GoTitans!


Camp Titan reunion with theses campers💗🐘 . .. ... #camptitan #reunion #forthekids #banquet2018 #memories


Peace! ✌ getting ready for my performance! Will u be here? At 12pm♡ If you cant u can still watch on @younow! Go Titans! 🙌


I couldn't ask for a better team with you two around. #dreamteam #mytopcollege #titanexperience #mihaylo #csuforientation @csufofficial


It’s great to see alumni doing big things! Brother Lipot is in the Pavilions until 2pm to talk about opportunities with Amazon.


Hey Titans! We have 3 weeks until the fall semester starts, but only one week left of the #MyTopCollege competition! Tell the world on Instagram and Twitter how being a Titan changed your life using #MyTopCollege and tagging CSUF in the caption! While you’re thinking about it, tell us below where your favorite study spot like this one is on campus! #TitansReachHigher


Better late then never haha but yea Summit was an amazing experience and acting in the VCS was an even better experience thank you everyone for my making my time for Summit the best


She said yes to hoco at hoco, because hoco💕 #whsseniorslideshow


Can’t you see my smile is contagious 😜📸 PC: @ezephotography #csuffusion


Thank you for calling Information & Services, how may I help you? ☺️ #ASI #serd2018


Crushin’ ❤️


Allie and Vi at LeadCon learning to improve our club to better serve our students. 😎


URE18 Students are ready for the Summer Research Symposium! #csufprojectraise #STEM #summerresearch #titans #csuf @csufcnsm


UPD is conducting Active Shooter training in the TSU today. Over the years we’ve seen a rise in active shooter situations around the world. Although we can’t 100% prevent this tragedy, we can prepare for it. We would like to thank all of our participants and volunteers who helped to make this training experience as realistic as possible. @csufofficial #titanfamily #csuffamily #titansreachhigher #csufullerton #titanstrong #csufpd #csuf #activeshooter #activeshootertraining #training #policetraining #prepare


Check out our awesome president representing MSWA at this year’s LeadCon event! 🐘💙🧡 #CSUF #MSWA


#flashback to our training with the @democraticpartyofoc and the National Democratic Training Committee. Great to see so many eager Democrats ready to run for office- especially the younger ones 😏


Since I'm not at Anime Expo 2018, here's my anime feature and Happy Sailor Mars Saturday. Thanks to @cosplaycounselor for the photo op . . . . . Be sure to follow my page models @collectresscosplay @thecollectedmutineer @lavi_harley @princess_frankenstein . . . . Lady cosplayers, tag @women.of.cosplay for a feature . . . DC Comics, Disney, and Marvel cosplayers, tag @realleagueofjustice for a feature . . . #anime #animegirl #sailormoon #sailormars #sailormarscosplay


Reminder! Our friendly Meet & Greet with our new Coordinators is TOMORROW, Friday, July 6th from 12pm to 1pm in the TSU Legislative Chambers. Food will be provided. We hope to see you there!