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7777 E Apache St Tulsa, OK - Places nearby

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Pops + #sadieslocombe + her million baby dolls + his @away luggage 😍


@bobbydeanorcutt and @sterlinharjo are making this movie and it looks amazing. They have an indiegogo campaign going right now, check this trailer out (swipe for 2nd half), then visit terltonokdoc.com and consider helping them get this movie out into the world.


fav hangout pl ✈️


So I asked a few of you now, Valyn was gone this last week. Visiting his family he was up in Michigan while I stayed home for those seven days. It was so hard without him, who is the first time we were separated since moving in together two years ago. Each night I felt like I missed him more and it was a heavy feeling that I just couldn’t grasp. But time moves on, and his trip came to an end. I was worried I would not see him last night because his flight kept getting delayed and he ended up being moved to a completely different flight from a different airport. Four hours later than when he was supposed to land, he texted me that he was finally on the ground, back home. This is my reaction when I saw him for the first time after the seven days of being apart. Funny how after almost three years my reaction is still the same. For those of you who have been with us through all of this, I want to thank you. Valyn and I have been together for a little over 2 1/2 years now and I couldn’t ask for anything more, but the support that we have received from all of you throughout our relationship is incredible and we love you all. Thank you so much for being there. @shojoknight_ I love you so much, you’re the most amazing person in this entire world. You bring me such happiness and you show me such hope. Honestly sometimes I feel like you’re the only person who gets me when everything else is crashing down. I want to spend forever with you and then some. You’re the other half of me and you’re the one who holds my heart. The red string of fate that ties us together will always be bound by our strong love. Welcome home. #couple #couples #ldr


Tried to be a little patriotic with my traveling #OOTD ❤️ I hope you all are having a lovely holiday! My blue & white striped skirt is from @onelovedbabe and this white linen top is linked in my bio. It’s definitely an essential and it’s under $20!


This thingamajig is pretty cool


Let the fun begin! #bigfriends


Was wondering if I'd be judged hardcore by ordering a mimosa so early 🥂🌄 ... then I remembered I'm wearing swim trunks 🏄🏾‍♂️ ( #surfbort) and a #tecmobowl swearshirt so, to hell with it, I'm grown. Uno 🃏. 😂✈️


I think they’re happy to see each other. 😍


Broken skyline, movin' through the airport ✈ #TUL ➡️ #DAL


Fly me away. #americanairlines #airbus #a319


When Frontier throws you off your plane, you smile and drink a lot of coffee. ☕️😂 I know I always seem incredibly peppy and positive... that’s because I freaking am. LOL. It’s. It a facade. It’s incredible to me all the people bitching and rude because our flight was cancelled last night. Treating the airline staff a certain way as if THEY actually enjoy this. You think they love their jobs when stuff like this happens? 😑 I turned around and looked at this cranky couple and said, at least you have a home, a car, and food. Oh, and you can afford to travel. Many people don’t have that. The wife looked at me and goes, “oh yea, you’re right.” 🙄 How do people forget their blessings? ✈️ Frontier put us up in hotels and I gave my room away to a man who was unable to get a room because they only issued rooms to out of state residents. He would have had to drive 3 hours back to his home. I stayed with a SeneSister, Hilary Mathias and it was wonderful because we bonded and became friends. 💙 I have had a wonderful morning at the airport. I made some great connections with people, get my killer coffee, and am still able to do some work calls that I had planned today. 📲 Life isn’t over, my week isn’t ruined, and I have wonderful people in my life and a home & furbabies to get back to. 🏡 🐶😻Mindset Monday... what’s yours? #frontierairlines #frontier #mindsetiseverything #mindsetmonday #manicmonday #smilehard #mondays #lipstickjunkie #entrepreneurlife #thankful #blessed #proudtobeanamerican #redlips #redheadsdoitbetter #tulsaoklahoma


“Bugsy” the Tree Frog. #frontierairlines #tailporn #ramplife