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7777 E Apache St Tulsa, OK - Places nearby

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This man! ♥️ I used to feel embarrassed when he would continually (& loudly) propose to me in public (even though we’re going on 2 years of marriage.😂) I am beyond thankful for the way he continues to “embarrass” me, continues to pursue me, and continues to lead our family so bravely. Ladies, please find someone who follows the voice of Jesus in their life over anything else. I can not tell you the peace that comes with knowing your spouse is so willing and open to go wherever the Holy Spirit calls him & us. I could rant forever. Feeling extra thankful for you today, @charlesmetcalf.


Y quien llegó a visitarme después de 1 año y 7 meses sin vernos ??? Nada más y nada menos q mi hermana, mi segunda madre, mi mejor amiga, mi consejera, mi todo!!! Feliz de tenerla aquí y disfrutar de su compañía, los q me conocen saben el grado de mi felicidad


I said yes to his re{quest}


Sending him off in love and prayers!! 💛 Praying 🙏🏻 for God’s hand to rest over this trip. That He will keep our daddy safe and well. That His will be done and that each of the men JR is going with will be a vessel of light and hope in a place 🌍 of need and uncertainty. #Africa #thankful #therainingseason #thecrosbylife


Crying my eyes out on a plane that’s taking me a few thousand miles away from you. I love you. It’s only been an hour and I already miss you. See you soon. 🖤


The only picture I could get with my dad all week and I look homeless lol but it was a great week with my papa bear. Can’t wait to be back home again #ilovemydad #backtoreality #pleasedontmakemeleave


Getting this business bun right! 👱🏽‍♀️🤣 You guys know my struggle!! Lol! Who is everyone rooting for in the Super Bowl?? 🏈 #GoEagles 💚 #FlightAttendantLife #FlyWithStella


Te hacen viajar a las 4:00am pero le metes onda !! 😡😡😡😡


Goodbye Oklahoma....miss you already.


I am extremely excited and eager to get home to my happy family!! Two weeks in Tulsa for business is way too long to be away from my 3 beautiful girls!!! ❤️👫🐶🐕


I’ve been here since 8, but it’s almost time! There’s also a bird that’s been in here. Since no one else was around, I named him Hank. TUL ✈️ PHX ✈️ SAN