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🗣 “Going to Maryland was one of the best decisions I ever made in life.” - Colin Giblin


Taking what’s mine. 👺


Yes we voluntarily chose to live together in the only double in the house #truelove


Happy Father’s Day to this man here, it’s tough being a long way from you but we both know the reason why it’s like that. ( in case you thought my dad was as tall as me too so no the man is not 😂 I truly don’t know where I got my height from lol) #haitiansensation #Godsworknotmine #fathersday photo creed: @lironash @leeasherphoto


A happy freakin Father’s Day to this “cool dad with a dad bod”. I can honestly say now looking back, that NOBODY could have played the shitty hand of cards life dealt you better than you did. I am very proud to call myself Brian Cassidy’s son (that’s you). Love you lots, Pop. #WeBothTerpAlumni


These four 🐢s just came back from Argentina with the US U21 Squad and nine Terps are ready for the WNC! Full link in our bio. 🇺🇸❤️ #Terps4Life


I am also this confused


It's only right to rep the state from where we began. Maryland Pocket Tee is now available at . . Size: XS-2XL Model: @Dwilfa Model Size: Medium Shot by: @kenhaley31


Great weekend at the University of Maryland...we played great #2and1 #UMD


The UMD gateway I passed through so many times #umd #testudo #terp #education #mrpandoni


We did it 🎉 Link is in the bio! Thank you to everyone who supports us!


اليوم تعلمنا كيف نكتب بلغة "عربيزي" 😂😂