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How I feel about the beautifulass sunshiney alright spring weather we are having today! I literally teared up over how cute the flowers were, wow!!!! Here’s a recreation of that experience for home viewers ✌️🌸✌️


This delicious avocado toast brought back some great memories of a person that I admire fondly! The first time I had this dish prepared by her, I was pleasantly surprised about the flavor combination! Never in a million years did I think to put avocado and toast together because my idea of breakfast was scrambled eggs and weenies w/ ketchup. My flavor profile wasn’t really defined, so as I enjoy this breakfast by myself, I often wonder how she is doing, what adventures has she had? What kind of advice would she give me now if any? 🥚🥑🍞😘🤔 #adventuresinoregon #avocadotoast #upperleftroasters


Ready for more sunshine days like today ☀️😊


going to the dentist isn’t so bad when you go get avocado toast + coffee after 🥑🌟




Really was mostly excited about the color of this soap #pinkalitious (& it's #antibacterial qualities o course, F off germs !!!)


Me praying for snow but also wanting to be able to wear a tshirt...


On the go


When your wifi connects automatically 💕


I usually feel ripped off when I pay for avocado toast from a coffee shop - I mean $6-9 for a piece of bread plus a small chunk of avocado is not exactly a steal. ••• But today was different. Our home has the bare minimum because we’re going out of town tomorrow so I stopped by @upperleftroasters to get lunch and work done. I think I can honestly say this was the BEST avocado toast I’ve ever had (and well worth the price)! ••• Vegan spelt bread topped with a cashew adobo spread, avocado, cilantro, green onions, sea salt, and a squeeze of lime🤤 ••• Treating myself to a decadent toast every once in awhile feels good, especially when I’m stressed (thanks finals) and my pantry is bare. How do you like to treat yourself?


Delicious Daddy Daughter Date! Turmeric maple latte with almond macadamia nut milk followed by DELICIOUS toasts. Absolutely yummy! @upperleftroasters is a GEM! Definitely will be back. ☕️🤤 #daddydaughterdate #brunchclub #upperleftusa


Nothing like me. Oddballs.


Maple turmeric latte