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One of Zion's most iconic views, The Watchman towers over the Virgin River and stands as a beacon to those who come to wander and explore Zion National Park. ⠀ ⠀ 📷 @simonrueger


This I why I moved here. This is why I live here and call @altaskiarea and @snowbird home. This is why I have made all my life decisions to keep skiing as my life direction. This storm in Utah really has been all time. Cheers to everyone who has been sharing in the early starts, bell-to-bell (or longer) days, powder hoots, and drinks at the bar. #SkiAndEnjoy 📷:@leecohen_pics @salomonfreeski #TimeToPlay


This might have been the highlight of my southwest road trip. Delicate Arch is maybe a 45-minute hike, and the fact that it had recently snowed and iced over the most treacherous part of the hike (it’s really an easy hike but a fall off this little patch would be disastrous) meant there weren’t a lot of people up there. @mindz.eye @mr.bwhit and I were the only ones that stayed after sunset and had the whole place to ourselves. The moon was almost full and cast enough light on everything to really bring out the details. And aside from a few clouds the sky was totally clear and the stars were beginning to come through. Places this amazing are rarely experienced with only the company of good friends. I definitely won’t forget this one. * * @sonyalpha a7rii *Sony Gmaster 24-70 f2.8 * * * * #earthpix #earthofficial #ourplanetdaily #artofvisuals #agameoftones #earthfocus #nightphotography


rippin down w some beautiful ladies per usual trying to spray boys @grace_schofield 🎥: 👨‍🌾


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I’d stop the world and melt with you. 🍦


An old outfit that’s still one of my faves ❤️ is throw back Monday a thing?


It’s cool to follow the experiences of others and learn from their mistakes and be happy for their successes and all of that stuff, but I REALLY ENCOURAGE each of us to find and take our own adventures. I’m not very good at seeking out these ideas and making them happen. This ride around Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument was 100% @anthmcollective’s idea. But what I lack in creativity, I make up for in my near-inability to say No. Because if I’d said No, the beauty of this heinously steep climb wouldn’t have graced my quads. I love and envy the ambition and creativity of my friends—from @mikefootemt setting a world record this weekend, to @carolinegleich tackling an entire guidebook, to @tomgoth and @john_gaston1 achieving what no American has achieved before in rando racing, to @jasondorais and @andydorais taking down every FKT they try, to @mikelibecki’s relentless effort to find the most far-fetched walls imaginable, to @rachel.pohl making a full-fledged business from her talent with nothing but paper, color, and skill. So, these are some of the people who keep me humbled, driven, and, in this case, pedaling.


Here was a fun install!! #stickit #myrealjob


Traditions add richness to life. Grateful for one night a year at Denny’s celebrating with this crew ... four years filled with good/bad food, interesting service, excellent conversation and usually falling asleep at the table.


Awesome view #MiniRoadTrip #FamilyTime #WindyAF


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My best buddy and I hit the the seldom seen local spots while the tourists stood in lines. Backcountry-off-the-beaten-path adventures.... Live in the void no one else sees. #themormonmarine


Wildlife appeared during the hike, no fear of humans