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350 N State St Salt Lake City, Utah - Places nearby

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Different perspectives 🏛 ......... So I googled what the most Instagram worthy places are in Utah and one of the options was the Utah Capitol building. Last time I was here it was under different circumstances and totally did not see how beautiful the architecture and the views were. So glad I made it back to it. What is the most Instagram worthy places in your city?


Just some kids from Brooklyn. ⭐️ 🇺🇸 Photographer: @rebel_images_photography


In relentless pursuit of its "energy dominance" agenda, the Trump administration today offered up more than 150,000 acres of #publicland in #Utah for #fossilfuels development. . The lands on auction are part of the same ecological network as Arches and Canyonlands national parks, Bears Ears and Hovenweep national monuments, and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. . SUWA intends to challenge these leasing decisions in court. . #KeepItInTheGround #ClimateDisaster #ProtectWildUtah #ProtejaUtahSilvestre #publiclands #wilderness #keepitpublic #SeeYouInCourt


did the LDS church REALLY think we wouldn’t fight back ? 53% of Utahns VOTED TO PASS PROP 2. prop 2 being on the ballots was a HUGE factor for why some people went out and voted, they used THEIR voice to be HEARD. and now my vote doesn’t count, this especially angers me since I am a Native American and my ancestors were on this land WAY before the church was and my vote doesn’t matter? the interference of the @ldschurch in this is unconstitutional and I will, along with others fight back. ( I know and love a lot of LDS people this isn’t to OFFEND ANYONE or THEIR RELIGION) #supportutahpatients 33 states have legalized marijuana in some form either recreational or medical so if that’s over half of The United States of America why don’t we take the legalization to the federal government ? Just some thoughts P.S sorry about the terrible penmanship on my posters but peep the red 👀 on the first poster :)


Her mom takes good pics 😊 and we're getting married March 16th, I think I forgot to mention that in the last post 😉


I’ve been almost afraid to post something that isn’t from Paris. Why are there so many hang ups with social media? The comparison game is hard to stay away from, no matter what you are using social media for. She’s thinner than me. She travels more than me. Her house is newer and nicer and cleaner than mine. She cooks delicious healthy meals every night for her family. She’s photographing people that I’ve wanted to work with. She’s featured on a famous blog. Her feed is perfectly curated and full of artistic inspiration. She’s booking more weddings than me. She’s giving so much back to her community. She’s serving her neighbors. She’s doing fun crafts with her kids. She’s... They say that comparison is the thief of joy, and “they” are absolutely right. So instead of feeling sorry for myself about how my life/work doesn’t look like everyone else, I’m going to turn it off and watch a Christmas movie with my favorite guy. As featured on: @glamandgrace Bride: @lipglossprincess97 Dress: @bridalimageutah Makeup: @alexisgeorge Hair: @laceym_lou Venue: @utstatecapitol #whitneyhuntbride


“Extra Fancy!” Thanks @sierraaquino for taking me to such an amazing formal! #legendsneverdie #formal


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a cat lady 🐱 ❤️


Salt Lake City is super beautiful and relaxed! You can walk directly into the State Capitol and have a look at how government works. Very democratic. I also learned that the state symbol is the beehive! It represents hardwork and industry. How interesting. #usausausa #davidinamerica #utahisawesome #beehivestate


Someone moved @governorherbert ‘s cardboard cutout and now he watches the Capitol grounds like Batman watches Gotham. #utpol #utleg #viewfrommyoffice