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🇵🇷😁🍑 #LastPost 😂



Que el fin del mundo te pille bailando || 🥑


Hoy se pasó absolutamente precioso ☉🌙


Es tan difícil estar aquí sentada chequeando mi celular y refrescando mis redes constantemente para saber si mis seres queridos están bien. Ver fotos y videos de mi isla me parte el corazón. Quisiera abrazar a mi abuela mientras vemos novelas o estar jugando con mis sobrinos con el Morro de fondo. Puerto Rico, en este momento, no sólo se encuentra sin luz, pero también sin comida, agua, y recursos médicos. Les pido que POR FAVOR donen lo que puedan a través de las miles de páginas que se encuentran en las redes sociales o llevando las cosas al área "drop off" más cercano. Por favor!!! Stay strong Puerto Rico!!! Somos más fuertes que un huracán. #puertorico #prayforpuertorico #unidosxpuertorico #puertoricoteamo


"Si ven a Ignacio tomense una foto con el y mandenmela" -Martita


Las calles del Viejo San Juan 🇵🇷 🙏🏼 😞


Saw a fan on the street yesterday; decided to take a pic with her.


1, 2, 3, all eyes on me. 💋


Aquí con mi pana


For the last week, I've been back and forth between Miami and Puerto Rico coordinating logistics for the Coast Guard's hurricane Maria response. I have traveled the north coast of PR; the damage is extensive, but the vast majority of building are made of concrete and are structurally intact, aside from roof and window damage. I have talked to people who were handing out relief near Humacao today (near where the eyewall made landfall), they reported that even there,though many houses were destroyed, most were not. The biggest issue is the devastation of the utility grid. Most of the island does not have electricity or potable water, and there are widespread landline and cell outages. The electric grid was on life support before Maria and this storm pulled the plug. We are expecting to operate on generators at our bases for 6 months+. Even the Coast Guard bases did not have reliable or sufficient backup power before the storm, and getting the right generators airlifted and installed has been a major effort. I have heard talk that the grid will be restored to current standards and be much more resilient that the previous version, which could be a good thing to come out of the storm. Coast Guard, National Guard, Air Force, Navy, Army and Marine aircraft are all delivering aid to the remote areas, but aid has not made it to all parts of the interior. Many people I have encountered in San Juan are piecing things back together and getting back to work in a city with very limited electricity. Shops and restaurants are opening back up, gas stations are open and regular commercial flights have returned to the airport (though the terminal had no air conditioning when I arrived). Leaves are growing back on many of the trees amazingly quickly. I have noticed a marked increase in green in just the past few days. I am flying to St Croix and St Thomas for the next couple days and will report what I see there.


Todos los niños de estela están a salvo y felices, gracias a todos por preguntar 🙏! #puertoselevanta #hurricanemaria #iloverincon #chefporn #chefdog #rescuedog #dogs #bestfriend #dogforever #cheflife



Old San Juan, PR.


Yo te quiero Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 #puertoricoselevanta #unidosporpuertorico


Porque ahora es que comprendo, que aunque pase lo que pasé, yo seré puertorriqueño. 🇵🇷❤️ #PRSELEVANTA #TBT