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Rue de la Commune Ouest, H2Y 2E2 Montreal, QC - Places nearby

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El día de hoy lo título "como si no me doy cuenta" JAJA 🇨🇦🍁 Ya estoy en Montreal!!💖🌸 Hoy vamos a tener party hardcore, no se pierdan mis stories😍✨ 🎡📸: @rodrigo_noriega


Hello les #amoulettes 👋


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Here is a video of a portion of the Deadlift work I did yesterday!💪🏾 - Those who have seen my 495 lbs deadlift of about a year ago would cringe (especially those who love their lower back). I am actually surprised I didn't get injured over the years with this exercise. - However, with the months that came by after that nasty lift I cleaned up my form a lot and I am still working on getting it better mobility wise. If there is one tip that I can give you regarding the deadlift is that you should definitely make sure you drop those glutes so that your back can be in a good position so you don't overuse it during the lift. - By bringing the Barbell closer to your shins you will give your body a chance to actually place itself better and have more power from the heels vs pulling when the bar is like 1 meter away from you (exaggerating here of course). - The point is, the closer the bar is to your body the easier it will be for you to pull efficiently just think of the trap bars how easier it is to Deadlift with those that's because the bar allows your body to be in the middle during the pulling so it's almost impossible to not do it right in a trap bar. As I practice more the mobility movements provided to me by @tgfitness_adts I will definitely post updates on my Deadlifts in the future!🙏🏾 * * * * #mtlmoments #mtl #montrealblog #mtlblog #livemontreal #somontreal #narcitymontreal #newyorkcitylife #newyorklife #ottawa #myottawa #narcityottawa #explorequebec #deadlift #torontofitness #workout #grind #deadliftday #sumodeadlift #mtlfitness


Divorce rates are now 41% in Canada. Probably not the best phrase to start to with such a beautiful picture. Marriage has now become an individual decision more than a religious one. The need to protect things like commitment, love, honor and respect seems to be going down on a sliding scale. To survive amongst the change in the world from a social, personal and relationship stand point we have to fight that much harder. Bub and I celebrate 10 years of being together at midnight and as much as it makes me happy to have made it this far I fear for the generation ahead of what commitment and loyalty would look like. The secrets to any relationship have always been very simple. We've just forgotten to practice them. We've learnt to make things complicated. We've learnt to give up. We've learnt to stop trying. We've learnt to move on too quickly. We're learning the WRONG things. Go back to keeping it as simple as; living by your word. Living by the promise you made when you got married or when you said forever. Mean everything you say and you will never question love again. Happy 10 years to US #storiesbyhuda Thank you @dinorovolis for capturing us. For any of you looking for a photographer in Montreal contact him🤝 .. #lifestyleblogger #lifeinfluencer #styleblogger #womenwithstories #realwomen #couple #husbandandwifeteam #love #loveislife #mrandmrs #husbandandwifenbloggerd


A little smile helps you in the long run 😄 #traintracks #railroad #autumn #streetstyle #smile


She in love with the Fashion ... #OOTD


"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us!" . . Tomorrow i start on a 10 day cruise down to New York, i am BEYOND excited to see all these places I've only heard about... . . #travelbug #travel #canada #newengland #novascotia #adventureawaits


Find someone who looks at me the way I look at my crêpe 🥞


It's time to go and get that glass of wine #mood #tgif #vendredisoir #mtl #514 #instadaily #workhardplayharder #winetime


#oceania #insignia in port, about to depart for #miami


Love Montréal 🇨🇦


Caroline & Roger in beautiful autumn light. 🍂


✨Twinkle twinkle baby #twinkletwinkle #Friday #selfie #weekend #Fall #love #Montreal #superherovibes ⚡️💋