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On the prowl! . Ninja has been a good boy this weekend, he hardly left my side and decided to sleep in my room... even loved to cuddle up to my side for some time 😊😊 . I have been mostly lazy and napped a lot. Thankfully Frank (@kaihu_und_hadez) took all 4 dogs on a walk to the old oak above Arisdorf... which would have blown my lungs, had I joined... I am really happy that walking on even ground works surprisingly well, as long as there is no ascend... 😥 Just a few more months and all will be good. . It is really rare, but I really do not know what to say more today... . This is of course your opportunity to ask me anything 😊😊


Anzeige | The one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell. 🦋


Summer is tight but Could do with some of that crisp winter Air fow show, not too long now 🤟🤟 @redbulluk @visauk 📷 @pallylearmond @thelegsofsteel



“A gente é tão um do outro, que o resto é tão pouco..” sempre lado a lado, independente do tempo, da distância ou das dificuldades... que seja sempre assim! Mais uma despedida de doer o coração, mas com a certeza de que vamos enfrentar tudo isso juntos ❤️ eu te amo!!!!


Today’s natural swimming pool 😋 💦⛰ #lech


@kunsthausbregenz is one of the countless successful and exemplary architecture projects in the Vorarlberg region. This building is an outstanding manifesto of “savoir faire” in minimalism by the great Peter Zumthor. 🖤 #minimalism #myvorarlberg #asundaycarpic


Bedtimestorys 🤗gute Nacht ihr Lieben...


Canim herkez efendi olucak #bundesheer #2018 #asker