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Taking care to feed feral cats, I’ve caught almost all of them & had them fixed!


Love everything, flaws and all. 〰️ I was recently watching an ad campaign and they were showing how they go out of their way to post "real women" and how they don't retouch. And then I proceeded to buy a bathing suit cause I can proudly support a company like that #aerireal And I thought, BRAVO! but why is this level of retouching the norm? 〰️ Why is it that so many companies immediately think we all need to be stick figures, that our thighs shouldn't touch, or that we should never have a little jiggle? These things that make us insecure shouldn't be the focus of anything we do. Heck, with so much we have working for us, why are we so insecure? 〰️ Focus on what you love, tell yourself what you adore about YOU, you gorgeous, smart, amazing person! You are one of a kind. You are amazing. And I would love to hear one thing you LOVE about YOURSELF!


Walking out of the work week like... ✌🏼 #vacationmode


because when else would I have the excuse to post this? 🌎🌻🌱 #earthday


Waterfalls & Beaches🏖


Local donuts made with all the local things. Very berry for me and vanilla bean for J. 🍩 Which would you pick?? . . . #maui #pastries #🍩 #donuts #donut #fromscratch


Celebrating #EarthDay surrounded by water & mountains. I even discovered a field of sunflowers🌻on the way to #IaoValley. Grateful to live on this beautiful planet🌍 Respect it — love it. 🖤✌🏼 • • • #hawaiidays #offtheclock #earthdayeveryday #iaovalley


Da nurse grind. Baby triceps coming in💪🏻


I missed earth day yesterday but I wanted to share how grateful I am to have seen and explored the places I have. This was one of my favorite places I’ve ever been, and Maui was the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited. My favorite hike in Oregon I’ve ever been on was Abiqua Falls. I have jumped off of the Punchbowl Falls cliff before it was destroyed. I have rescued a baby bird at Sauvies. I have danced with my mom on Cabo beaches. I want to visit Luxembourg one day, I want to ride a bike through Europe, I want to shop in New York, I want to one day be able to afford a hut in Bora Bora. I have driven a total of way too many miles, spending way too much money on gas, to explore such a little amount of the world & I haven’t even started yet. I’m thankful for this life & I’m excited to explore the rest of the world.


⛳️🥂Professional Mini-golfers👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ #ballz4dayz #sundayvibes #girlsadventurestories #livingmybestlife


Not only are these sunflowers fields pleasing to look at, but they also serve a great purpose. . . Pacific bio-desiel is a company here on Maui that is currently growing sunflowers on 115 acres of land. These sunflowers are eventually converted into a 100% renewable fuel. . . #maui #hawaii #sustainability #sustainable #sunflowers #flowers #renewablefuel