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pro tip: don’t go to disney during finals week


✨ (long post up ahead mateys!) YOU GUYS!!!!!!! YOU GUYSSSSS!!!!!! IM SO SORRY ABOUT THE RADIO SILENCE OVER THE LAST FEW DAYS!!! SOME SHIPMENTS HAVE BEEN A BIT DELAYED BECAUSE GUESS WHAT FINALLY CAME IN?!? YEP! THE KICKSTARTER BAGS FINALLY CAME IN!!!!! I am currently in the process of inspecting all 400 bags and separating all of the ordered bags! I’m trying to get these all out ASAP but I am just one person with a bunch of orders 😅 AND all kickstarter backers will get pins and a free print with the bag so I have to package those as well! Here is the pink version of the bags! I didn’t put any pins inside of it because I wanted you guys to see it, untouched brand new out of the box. ☺️ The faux leather is a millennial pink and the lining has been custom made to match the outside of the bag perfectly! (The strap is not in the photo) • Thank you guys SO SO MUCH for being the most patient humans EVER and I GREATLY appreciate it. It has been EXTREMELY stressful for me but at the same time EXTREMELY and AMAZINGLY rewarding. ♥️ I has a vision, I drew it up, I did a bunch of research and WE made it happen. Thank you guys so much and i really do hope you enjoy this bag as much as I do ♥️ • I WILL NOT BE SELLING THESE UNTIL I MAKE SURE I SEND OUT EVERY SINGLE BACKER THEIR BAGS! ♥️✨ • • #kickstarter #kickstartercampaign #itabag #itabags #mickeymouse #disney #undeaddee #pinbag #enamelpins #pins #disneyfan #disneyfanart #mickeymousestuff #pinflair #mickeyears


Los momentos más inolvidables los vivo con ellas 💖 es magia vuelvo a ser niña con ellas 🎄 #merrychristmas #family


🌇 Rope drop or close the park?! 🌃 The age old question of how to get the most out of your time at the parks! 🤔 So which do you prefer?! Or are you one those people who 🔋recharge🔋 mid day with a solid nap and do both?! You people, are crazy 🤪✨ I’m a morning guy, sunrise, coffee, Main Street USA with all the fun transportation... yup. That’s my jam for sure! ☺️☕️


Ey Mickey! Do you love me? 🎶 No hay lugar más especial para los niños que @waltdisneyworld (y para los adultos también )❤️❄️🎄. #VeryMerryChristmasParty



A Magical✨ Day Indeed 🏰


Who’s better? Me or dad @dtaras7 😂 #barvina #dad


Thank god for my DD! My personal uber!! Lol




Magical Sunset. #disneyworld #magickingdom #clouds


Home is where the heart is ❤️


Con estos personajes se Zootopia nos despedimos de esta noche mágica


It’s not goodbye. It’s see you later! Till next time!


Christmas with the Jackson’s.


Merry Christmas! #happiestplaceonearth