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“In truth, Trump supporters are a minority. He has an approval rating of about 40 percent, and his main strategy is to latch on to white peoples' fear of irrelevance, their perceived loss of social capital and political power — the age-old fear of the "Other." He took disenfranchised citizens' ire meant for bankers and Wall Street's dubious loans and aimed it squarely at young Guatemalan families crossing the border with bare feet to seek asylum.” Link in bio for the full @washingtonpost article. #IStandWithIlhan #weareallimmigrants


Trump isn’t racist!! - Like & Share if you agree!! - . . #Trump #Maga #Trump2020 #TrumpRacist


That giddy smile when your friend lets you “borrow” her purse to wear but you both know she’s never getting it back. 🙃😏😂😂 love you @lexgonzalezzz