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Just Listed by: @salernorealestate📍1268 Snyder’s Road, Waterloo Ontario 🇨🇦 Follow @salernorealestate Listed for $2,188,000.00


We are so grateful to be on this journey, creating a beautiful space and community that ignites the fire inside you, and inspires you to go higher. It’s not just about fitness. It’s about surrounding yourself with good vibes and positive people. It’s about deep connections and keeping shit real. It’s about helping people be better humans. It’s about cultivating a higher state of awareness and mindfulness. It’s about connecting through movement. It’s about celebrating diversity. It’s about coming together to discover the highest version of ourselves so that individually and collectively, we can make a positive impact on our world. It’s about time. It’s time for a place where people Hustl & Flow seamlessly together, moving, breathing, connecting, coming alive. It’s coming. ✨✨✨✨ @hustlandflow


One more look - a full body shot this time - at the 1961 #Gibson #LesPaul #SGStandard spotted at @folkwaymusic. Sideways Vibrola intact and functional, PAFs, and a f*ckload of mojo. Already sold, sadly. Wait, “sadly”? who am I kidding?!? I could not have even dreamed of affording it anyway! 🤣 #gibsunday #guitar #guitars #guitarra #chitarra #guitarre #electricguitar #vintageguitars #vintagegibson #gibsonguitars #tone #guitargear #guitarsdaily #guitarsofinstagram #geartalk #vintagegear #gibsonsofinstagram #guitarphotography


Practice makes perfect #jarvis #ballszn


My mahm is being so heckin’ needy today🙄


This doesn’t match my aesthetic but SO WHAT! Also someone please slap some sense into me I can’t believe I just used the word aesthetic seriously.


Almost that time of the year again folks😈🐣


The last time I balled out with my brothers 💪😤 #49 #oakvilletitans


Getting #UWready for the fall term. #joecyzhang Going into 4th year. Almost graduating. xoxo @uofwaterloo 💛🖤💛🖤💛 This hair, done by @stylesofcreation_hairsalon is just perfect for Back to school. Classes, Co-ops, Photoshoots... Everything’s back to normal. Hello @uwaterloolife fam, I can’t wait to go back 💛🖤💛🖤💛


⚫️ Waterloo Warriors camp. 🏈 @uwwarriorsfootball @warriortribe57 @waterloowarriors


Hairs messy but for once life ain’t; 🤞🏻


⚫️ Waterloo Warriors camp. 🏈 @uwwarriorsfootball @warriortribe57 @waterloowarriors


Day 226/August 14 - Dinner by Chef @pliniomorita with everything he could find within arm’s length! 😋😂


Went to the movies with my friends