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Stolen 📷 from the incredible @korielynx (who you should totally follow): a v-ball session from earlier this summer. Gotta get some playtime in soon!


#YourSoulSexy Technique Time!! 💪🏻🏋🏻‍♀️ One of my fav leg day staples - the Romanian Deadlift - targeting the hamstrings, glutes and back. The RDL requires a solid foundation of one of the most important moves to master - the HIP HINGE! There are several variations but today we’ll focus on the RDL using dumbbells. Are you guilty of any of these common mistakes? . 🙅🏻DONT DO: ❌Weights too far away from body. Shoulders unstable and no lat engagement. ❌Neck Overextended. No need to watch yourself in the mirror babes - I promise you look fabulous. 💁🏻 ❌Back hyperextended & no core engagement! ❌Hips too far forward. Not enough hinging action. . 💁🏻DO: ✅Keep weights close to / in contact with your legs. Make sure you are firing your lats and establishing a strong upper body foundation before descending. ✅ Neutral neck. Keep your chin tucked. Double chins are IN y’all! Rock it! 😜 ✅Neutral back & core engaged throughout the entire movement! ✅Push your butt/hips back as far as you can! Don’t think about leaning forward. Its all in the hips babes! . Tag a buddy who may need this & let me know what else you'd like to see! P.S. Love you so hard! ❤️ #ProperForm


There's a reason driveways are located in the front of the house. It's also the same reason we use autos in marketing our #Opulent #Agency #luxuryrealestate listings for our sellers. Sorry, these exotic machines don't come with the house. This time anyways. www.theopulentagency.com


Just in case you didn't get enough s of the fake high def filter in 2015. I'm bringing it back! That intense orange hair is a thing though. #crazycolor and #pulpriot a color called Lava. I hope everyone's day was as good as can be expected. 😊❤️😊


Found a piece of my posing routine from this past weekend at the @mrolympiallc #dexterjackson #dex #dexter #mro #mrolympia #mrolympia08 #builtbyblade


The clattering sounds of seashells echoed in my eardrums as he stood below the tree I was hiding on. He desperately searched for a hint of my scent by sniffing foliage’s that crossed over a dirt path. “Shit..” I thought as I reached back for a handkerchief to wipe the sweat stinging my eyes. This warrior had dried turtle shells tied with long poisonous picks on each arm. I tried to stop myself from shaking and saw a dark wet patch expanding on my pants. Deep in fear, I had no clue that I was urinating on myself. Well… you know how this ended. Lol CUT! . . Happy Tuesday everyone! Do you ever stop and study your actions? I know this is random as hell, but I’ve gone through life, never truly understanding myself. Until, I began questioning my action, my habits, why I felt this particular way for something or someone. I simply became more aware. Long story short, understanding yourself and hopefully loving yourself will help you in your creative journey. This goes way deeper than this, but it’s a great start. Take care every one! ;) . . . . . #drawingoftheday #drawing #sketch #sketching #sketchaday #sketchoftheday #villarrte #arte #artoftheday #illustration #illustrations #artistoninstagram #pencildrawing #instaartist #sketchbook #doodle #pencil #dibujo #dibujos #instaartoftheday #pencilart #pencilsketch #illustrationgram #artist #draw #igart #handdrawing #arthabit


The "roadie" is a staple bridge snack to get me through the afternoon. I either quickly shake up my favorite protein powder on the go or I make 1.5 servings of my morning shake and pack up the .5 for later!


letting go of this ankle injury 😆 thanks for filming @iskatetv! @watchyoudie #skateboardingisfun #cnn #letitgo #gopro


Picked these out/up. I’ve been really enjoying putting flowers together lately. 💐💐


This divine Ford Mercury Comet in the back lane #vintagecars #mercurycomet #coolride #aussieinla @tinagomesbrand


My friend at Citydog Club took this handsome picture of me today! 😉 #whitehusky #instagramdogs #citydogclub #citydogclubwla #handsomedog


Flower practice