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ST issued military workout hoodie. The Original ST Shield blended with the chevron logo makes this hoodie 100% mandatory for your future workouts. If this hoodie makes me look 👀 this sexy imagine what it'll do for you! - Our entire site is revamped to be Bigger, Stronger, Faster. Go check it out and grab some new clothes and our proteins which are on sale for today only! @strongapparelco #madeofsomethingdifferent #slingshot #st06 #domorebecomemore


fav pumpkin in the patch;)


The pumpkin and I have matching top knots


Max Effort Banded Floor Press. Worked up to a Paused set of 9 (accidentally +1) followed by 2 #SlingShot overload sets and DB work. I love Floor Presses. I try to incorporate 3-4 Floor Press variations per month. (DB, Fat Bar, Football Bar) #Bench #BenchPress


That smile you get when it finally clicks. - 6 sets of doubles at 590 pounds has Piggy feelin dialed in for November. @thebigpigulski #st06 #deadlifts


pumpkin patch (Dave’s Farm) swipe for more pics.


Sorry for spamming your feed with all our pumpkin patch photos, but I can’t seem to hold myself back. 🤷🏼‍♀️Last year the babies were just too little appreciate a good corn maze followed up by a yummy corn dog and then sweet corn on the cob. (So much corn?) 🌽 This year they totally got it. If ya need a good LOL, zoom in on Gigi’s face! She is cheesin’ big time! Must be all those apple donuts. 😬 #happyfallyall #pumpkinpatch




Oh, Clark. #fosterpup


Just another day finding weird shit at Walmart.


Bahn mi fries from Brodericks in West Sac. #BrodericksRoadhouse #bahnmiFries #westSac #Brodericks #sacramento #sony #fries #burger



Do what you're supposed to do and then some. Be who you are and then some. You'll never know how far to push unless you over do it! Write that down. ||| Do what you're supposed to do and then some. In the gym this means you fight for an extra rep, extra set, more weight. Or simply put in more effort, kick it up a notch. You should quickly see how this. An roll into all aspects of life. I don't view myself as being "motivated" more then the next guy or girl. However, I am a person of action. It is the action which drives everything else. The action of doing the things you're supposed to do when you are supposed to do them whether you want to or not! -ST06- @thesupertraininggym is FREE but I profit greatly from it daily! It is the activity of the men and women that make up Super Training Gym that are the powerhouse of will that drives every single thing I do and nearly everything I've ever done. -ST06- ST was created off the back of me being myself....and then some. You ever stop someone before, put your hand on their shoulder, look them in the eye and tell them that they are great, that you're proud of them. Try this TODAY with your significant other and watch what happens. Hey, Now! If you haven't done this before, life is passing you by. And it may mean you're fucking asshole. Make sure people understand who you are, what you're about, what you're made out of! It's not good enough just to do YOU day in and day out. What will make you special, what will make you stand out is to do what you're supposed to do and then some. Be yourself and then some and when you want to give up, get up! ||| Go tag some friends and then some that need to hear this message. #domorebecomemore #madeofsomethingdifferent #inspiredontinstruct #st06 #slingshot




Banana 🍌 by the river! 🐾