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New video going live later today on @catuned YouTube channel make sure to check out the interview on YouTube for a full breakdown of the rocket bunny build #CaTuned #rocketbunny #widebody #e30 #e30vert #semabuild #


Just here being a human forklift🤨. Yesterday’s top set of 625x3 weighing 242. Felt really easy. Slowly easing back into heavier loads as I hastily prepare for the ST meet. Will be deadlifting 2x a week and benching 3x a week to move myself forward...fast. - New video is also up on YouTube addressing a question about Strength Vs. Technique when it comes to combat sports🥊🥋! Link to my channel is in the bio! #TeamST #BreakTheBar


On Tuesdays we PULL. and unlike a lot of people who “powerlifting”, nobody is maxing out EVERY week. Today is about speed and technique. Building technique and habit is boring but totally necessary. Lots of sets, lots of reps. #TittyBouncer #Pulls #DeathLift #Deads #DeadPull


Did my full leg day, then @crazyeyessteve convinced me to do banded deadlifts. The video is 455 straight weight, with 160lbs band tension. Wanted to hit something fun. #slingshot #supertraining #offseason #deadlift #conventional #powerlifting #bodybuilding #strongman


Finally back home and back to the best place on earth ❤️🚣‍♀️ @rivercityrowingclub


10x3 with 415lbs on box squat. - The Natty’s are gonna say it’s all Steriods! @mikeohearn - The Haters are gonna say it’s photoshopped! @shredz - Instagrammers will say it’s fake plates! @bradcastleberry - But Long time fans will say it’s all of the above! - #st06 #lifthardlaughharder #thepeoplescoach


🌸Romantic braided style achieved with my fav products from @sexyhair - Get Layered Hairspray to set the style in place & Rose Elixir for extra shine and help with the frizz. 🌸 Extra volume with my fav @halocoutureextensions by @tinaaowens 🌸 Model: @nadia.antonova.art 🌸 #sexyhair #mysexyhair #bigsexyhair #halocoutureextensions


Cheers! Last day of holiday sales across the board it seems;) thank you all for the small business support! Use the code MERRYMERRY for free shipping on orders over $100! Be safe out there! #muglife #smallbusiness #yellow #coffeetime


Caption this.


Sis got the house nicely decorated 🎄🎉