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Last night Fluorite Troll painted on his little easel while I carved the pumpkin! 🖤🌙🎃 Look how proud he is!!!!


Looks Deep 😲 Would you swim here? 🤔 At Jacob's Well Still picking away at the airstream renovation project, so in the meantime here is a summer swimming hole throwback ~ 📸 by @sashajuliard . . . Follow @tribeinfluencer for more 📸 All credits to respective owner(s) | #tribeinfluencer


Jacob's Well. Wimberley, Texas. Photo by @always_be_blooming #AwesomeLifeStyle


T for Texas 🌼 #mollytuttletour


Always something cool going on @yellowdogstudios. And usually simultaneously. @isaac_jacob_band @adamjodor @davepercefull


Hanging with these world changers this week...learning, scheming, BELIEVING for what's next at NorthRock! #iloveNR #planning2018


WHAT IN THE WORLD. Cannot begin to put into words the complete JOY it was to say yes to forever with my best friend!! Thank you Jesus for letting me love and be loved by this man and surrounding us with the BEST people. Easiest decision this indecisive girl has ever made. ($10 to whoever can figure out a hashtag)


guess who’s district champs? we are!!!!! #volleyball #lit #wewoneverygame


The crystal clear water of Jacob's well is sure to draw you in. But be warned, this natural spring is one of the deadliest dive sites in the world. #jacobswell #wimberley #cavediving #cypresscreek #tastemadetravel


Reclaimed 3" tongue and groove ready to be cleaned up. #barnwood #longleafpine #reclaimedwood #longlostlumber #salvage


A little cheer practice


More and more, I take the kids to visit the job site on homeschool days. For this barn, we are working with the carpenters and the electrician, and as much as we can, the teams that did the original buildings. Yesterday, the kids watched the tile cut on the wet saw and heard about the diamond blades and broken joint tile layout format. They saw oak floors being cut for stair planks and laid in another building. Avery, my daughter said, “This is like making art,” in a little lightbulb moment. When I asked our carpenter, watching his mastery in making those cabinets on site, who is his apprentice, he said “no one. It is very hard to find people that want to learn this kind of work now, and stick with it. I learned from my father and he learned from his. These are the things that get handed down, not taught.” It rattled me, this idea of how to preserve the work of these artisans, now well up in their years, in the Wimberley Valley. Later that night, my daughter said after dinner talking about the day, “I want to learn. I want to learn to work with wood.” “Really,” I said, “like Mr. Steve?” “Maybe we could start with little furniture for my animals and dollhouse,” she said. Yes, baby girl, let’s start there. #thisonelife_ #homeschoolmom #simplerwisdom #barnlovers #bravewriterlifestyle #texashillcountry


Heirloom tomatoes: beauty in snack form. 🍅 #heirloomtomatoes #tomatoes #snacktime #leaningpear


You make every moment 10x more awkward!!!! But it’s what I love about you❤️❤️❤️ #GOREBS #TGIF


@marmo1987 bachelorette party commence!!! #drunkinlove