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Thames, no filter.


I am very exited to announce that i am coaching Londons only Kettlebell Sport class hosted @royalresistance in Woolwich. What is it? Kettlebell training is not just a way of exercising it's also an organised sport that has existed in the U.K. for the past 10yrs. It can be best described as endurance weightlifting where you try to do as many reps as possible in a given time period (usually 10min) with a kettlebell weight of your choice. This class will not only teach you the most efficient way to lift kettlebells, but will give chance to practice the skills and develop the strength endurance to compete in some in-house competitions. I will finish the sessions working through some kettlebell flows which are great ways to improve the mobility and movement control of your body. When is it? Wednesdays 6pm - 7.15pm. Free to members, Β£10 drop in. Who is this class for ? A community of fitness enthusiastic people that are interested in taking their kettlebell lifting skills to the next level. What you need to bring ? An open mind, a bottle of water and a positive spirit. I am looking forward to meeting you there Dm me for questions. #kettlebellsport #kettlebells #kettlebellclass #kettlebellcompetition #kettlebellchallenge #kettlebellworkout #kettlebellcoach #kettlebelltrainer #kettlebellmarathon #kettlefriends #kettlebellsport #girevoysport #kettlebells #gsu #ikmf #kettlebellcompetition #jerk #snatch #longcycle #kettlebelljerk #kettlebellswings #kettlebellflow


My favourite tug - Switzer Bootle. When I see her and her sister the Switzer Brunel I know a big cruise ship is on the way #royalarsenalriverside #royalarsenal #mythamesview #tuglife


Keeping with the theme of #backday & thickness... try this Low Row. This was slightly heavy for me but we did it anyway. Remember to isolate the movement too.


#London today with #theboys on the #scooters for the annual #leerigbymemorialride up in #woolwhich . Got rained on and tripped over a sleeping tramp. #greatday πŸ‘ŒπŸ€ͺπŸ›΅ #wearethemods #britpopmods #modrevival #modernmods #societyofcool #mods #coolcats


People said to me so many times: "But You Don't Look Depressed". Nancy Schimelpfening wrote something on the topic and she was very much right: "Even though you may have good intentions when you offer a depressed person advice, you may do more harm than good if you do not truly understand the nature of the illness. Depression is a medical condition that requires proper treatment with medication and therapy. Repeating platitudes like the following can leave him feeling like you are minimizing his suffering and really don't understand that he is already doing the best that he can." I've battled it for 10y now and it started with ups and downs, and now everything is just meh. I have two suicide attempts, millions of suicide thoughts and few crying-to-sleep nights behind me. I needed some time to open up about it and today I volunteer to take MH patients when doing a shift in A&E. So next time when you have any well-meaning exhortations like "cheer up" or "smile", as if all a depressed person needs to do to cure their depression is to decide to be happy, just don't. I'm sorry for this lengthy text, just felt like sharing my story now. Rant over. If anyone feels they need help, you should call @samaritanscharity 116 123 - I didn't have that option. . . . . . #depression #mentalhealth #suicide #confessions #mentalhealthawareness #tired


This is my β€˜I’m late meeting Ryan’ look ✨


So i decided not to waste my holiday and visit queen Elizabeth


Even if you dont have a job thank God its friday