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what a night 🌬


Drove a couple of hours to meet him .. he drove a little more than that. I’ve learned some things today about life. I have amazing traits that my Momma taught me. And some things that are just in your DNA ! Joe... Thank you for telling me that I’m a Arvin 💙 For taking a chance on meeting a sister that wouldn’t give up on meeting you! World 🌎 meet my brother Joe ! Love you ... already!


“I choose to surround myself around phenomenal women who are confident and secure enough to know that there is enough room for all of us to make it to the finish line.” •• Blessed to have such a strong woman on my side, supporting me the way I fully support her! ♥️ Thank you for taking me out to birthday dinner and celebrating with me! #strongwomen #birthday #yardhouse #thick #thickthighs


Squinty eyes


Date night with my very best friend 💕





my angel 😇😇




@calderezlove always gets my good side 🥰


Great Ohio State hang last night! #PASIC18


***🍫🍦🍮🍭DESSERT FRIDAY🍪🍰🎂🍩*** What: Creme Brulee Cheesecake . . Where: Yardhouse (@yardhouse) . . When I want to return: 6 months . This mini cheesecake is a hybrid dessert for sure. The consistency of it is definitely somewhere between the firm cream cheesiness of a new york style cheesecake and the soft, custard-y inside of a creme brulee. My other half is a creme brulee fanatic so its hard to avoid dessert on a menu if it has creme brulee in its name. The brulee-d top was done quite well, it wasn't too thick but had a nice crack when you hit it with a spoon. Overall tasted exactly as I would except a dessert of this name to taste and would order again. . . . . . . .. #indybites #indianapolisfoodauthority #nomz #indy #foodie #indianapolis #getinmybelly #foodislife #eathereindy #loveindy #edibleindy #indianapolisfoodies #cremebrulee #custard #cheesecake #dessert #indygrammers #indyeats #indyfood


My most reviewed chowder — my 3rd cup of chowder at Yard House. Still near the top of my list...good clams, not too thick, not overloaded with potatoes. Maybe a lack of content, but makes up for this in overall taste. 8/10




Sorry she moved on 🥰


Okay everyone, stroke your half yards