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The fire kept us warm while the sun dipped over the Teton Range and plunged us into darkness. Evenings like these I won't soon forget. at Grand Teton National Park


Some pictures from the beautiful kawartha highlands #outdooraddict #adventureanywhere #camping #paddle #getoutthere at Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park


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Mince Republic got a new mobile HQ. Serving up Cold Brew near you #theburrowht


Get your sunnies on! 😎 at Tyax Wilderness Resort


Anyone who needs more night light this, raise your hand 👋🏼👋🏼 at Tunnel View


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"I am comforted by life's stability, by earth's unchangeableness. What has seemed new and frightening assumes its place in the unfolding of knowledge. It is good to know our universe. What is new is only new to us." | Pearl S. Buck 🍂


"We rode and hiked, lost the trail and then found it again. When we reached the lake we laid down on our sleeping bags and let the dog snuggle us. The sun started falling and I set the tent right on the shore. This was one of those places you imagine for years before you finally make the trek. It was better than I'd hoped." — @isaacsjohnston #HomeIsWhereYouStakeIt #AdventureAnywhere #NEMOequipment --- Photo: @isaacsjohnston


A hike with a view is cool, BUT a hike with a view AND a view of a waterfall is just UNBELIEVABLE! 📸 @nicolexknox at Yosemite National Park


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' A night spent under the stars? Nope look again! 🌌 ↡ ↡ Just South of Sydney lies an abandoned old railroad tunnel. It's said that this place is haunted, I can confirm that if there's a place that feels like it's haunted...this would be the place. For those who venture down here in the middle of the night (once you look past how spooky it is) will be treated to a light show like none other. Thousands of glow worms line the tunnels of this abandoned railroad.🐛' - @hagendaasphoto Shot Notes: EOS 80D with a EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM Lens ISO 3200 | f/3.5 | 20" Tag your #night shots @canonaustralia or #canonaustralia for a chance to be featured. at Helensburgh Glowworm Tunnel


Would you trade your current rig for this Mog? ♠️♠️♠️ #overlandkitted


Life is meant to be lived. at Yosemite National Park


Jerusalem, the shortest path between earth and sky. . #WorduuupGoesToIsrael . 🕍 with @just2die4art at Jerusalem, Israel


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Cider mill hopping: (n.) The act of visiting multiple cider mills in one day to invigorate the palette with a variety of fresh-pressed apple ciders and to work off a dozen fresh-baked donuts by exploring the many trails surrounding each mill (usually of an adult or adults without children whose lives and eternal happiness depend on waiting in long lines for pony rides) at Yates Cider Mill


"Autumn is fully upon us here in Colorado. This is the first time I've gotten to witness the Aspens of the western US change their colors and it's breathtaking. Night time temperatures have been well below zero and we've had snow and freezing rain. I've had moments I wanted to quit and moments that it's the last thing on my mind. Walk on." -Pie🍂 . . . . 📸-@pieonthetrail #3mphfilm #cdt #cdt2017 #takeahike #hike #thruhike #ultralight #hikertrash #embracethebrutality #optoutside #beboundless #exploremore #neverstopexploring #roamtheearth #adventureanywhere #awakethesoul #liveauthentic #livetheadventure #wildernessculture #amongthewild #keepitwild #naturelovers #packitout #inspire #happyplace #happycamper #yolo #instagood at Colorado


Even though I killed my photos from Iceland by shooting in the wrong format, nothing can make those creatures look less beautiful! 😍 ⠀ They are also unique biologically - due to harsh climate they are very strong, and due to restriction of horse import in Iceland they have less deceases than in the rest of the world. Scientists found that the current ponies (as they are fairly small in size and should probably be classified as ponies rather than horses) resulted from mixing Irish, Scottish, Norwegian and even Russian horses! Mongolian horses imported through Russia also have a strong genetical impact. 😉 ⠀ 🇷🇺 Мои тщетные попытки спасти фотографии из Исландии идут с переменим успехом. Зато ничто не может испортить Исландских лошадок! Посмотрите, какие они хорошенькие! ⠀ А какие богатые у них корни! Вроде живут себе где-то на далёком северном острове, а на самом деле в их создании много кто поучаствовал. ясное дело, что соседи - ирландские, шотландские, норвежские виды. Но оказывается, что якутские и даже монгольские (!), завезённые черкез Россию, не были упущены в результате селекции 🦄 Так что вот они какие, прекрасные исландские пони! #horses #icelandnatural #icelandhorse at Atlantic/Reykjavik


The real point of making history isn't for posterity. It's about making a change so secret that nobody knows what hit them!



Candy colored skies and golden beaches are a few of our favorite things ✨🍭🐬 at Oahu


A couple of weeks on the road is sure to rejuvenate the soul. Heading to texas today; trying to dodge storms. . . . . #travelbuddy #soulmate #adventureanywhere #smallpeoplebigworld #wyoming #windriverrange #wildernessculture #theoutbound #sleepinthedirt


Nothing quite like a fresh catch! Thanks @shc_photo


2/3 at British Columbia


at Çorraj, Vlorë, Albania


This mama is getting her knowledge on! 🤓 Bright and early. My kids are always hungry at like 5:30 am 😳 So I got in trainings while I made my boys and myself breakfast. #multitaskingmom Learning how to improve the lives of others as well as my own 💗 . Also I must add that my sweet potato, spinach, onion, and egg skillet creation was AMAZING!!! Oh and the side of turkey links were not had by me; Noah stole the two right from my plate 😕I should of ate them first lol Anyone else multitask while cooking??? I like to put on shows while I cook if I'm not learning lol it's like a mini dance show in my kitchen 😜🤘🏼


Tranquil calm relaxing beauty on a wildfire smokey day in Prideaux Haven in Desolation Sound. Discovered by Captain Vancouver and named Desolation Sound because “there was not a single prospect that was pleasing to the eye.” I couldn’t disagree more! Flashing back to an amazing 10 days of cruising through the islands with my dad. We zipped around in the dinghy as we sought out signs and clues from ‘The Curve of Time’ an amazing autobiography about a widow and her 5 kids cruising in this area in 1927. We found traces of an old cabin, orchard and the markers indicating safe moorage (copper stains on the rocks as opposed to the electronics we now use). #imonaboat #traveladdict #canada #nikond7100 at Prideaux Haven


If you steer towards a better world, you’ll find a better world in the rear-view. at Farmington Canyon


Calm... before the storm.. literally... at Sapa Vietnam


Discover yourself. #atlastime #watchthewanderers


"Vibrate at the highest frequency possible" 📸Photo by @jannilaakso at Lapland (Finland)


The lakes! Oh the lakes! #junelake #monolake #virginialakes #lundylake and #yosemite “Yosemite Valley, to me, is always a sunrise, a glitter of green and golden wonder in a vast edifice of stone and space.” – Ansel Adams, 1948. at Yosemite National Park


Hey guys 👋 I've re-vamped the blog a bit, and just put up a new post about Bouldering in Virgin Gorda. Even if you don't climb, check this post out because Virgin Gorda was one of the many small islands devastated by hurricane Irma. At the end of the post I've linked up a couple of resources on how we can help them get back on their feet. This place is beyond beautiful and definitely worth helping out. Check it out! link in bio! Or go to at Virgin Gorda, BVI


This camper is parked out at Batchev Hill, a serene campground that borders the Los Angeles National Forest and only a few miles from the famous Pacific Crest Trail. If you're new to camping, or looking for a little extra comfort especially in the fall and winter, this camper is a comforta ble alternative to pitching a tent. ⠀ ⠀ 🚐 360° View Camper, Top of the World, CA (link in bio)⠀ 📷 @joekathrina


Following our Arrowhead Traverse journey we were ready for a break. It took us a month before hitting the trails again. - Suddenly it's fall and leaves were crunching beneath our feet as we explored a new-to-us regional park in Bloomington, MN, Murphy Hanrehan. - The biggest change for us on this hike is that Rowan is beginning to take her first unsteady solo steps. Jack was anxious to help her find her trail legs. - Watching the relationship between brother and sister continue to grow is one of the most beautiful (and sometimes most challenging) part of parenting. at Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve


на этот раз не обошлось без приключений или о том, как лететь в Калининград, а прилететь в Минск 🙃 со мной такая ситуация впервые, аэропорт не принимал рейсы из-за шторма, поэтому в последний момент перед посадкой в Храброво самолету пришлось резко взлететь, разворачиваться и лететь в Минск, ждать, когда в Калининградской области утихнет шторм. честно говоря, приятного в этом мало, особенно, когда первые 1,5 часа в Минске сидишь в самолете, который заправляют со всеми пассажирами на борту и думаешь "интересно, а с точки зрения безопасности, это вообще нормально?", к счастью, через 1,5 часа нас выпустили в аэропорт, но персонал явно был не готов к такому повороту событий... этот долгий день закончился все-таки в Калининградской области, в Зеленоградске, у моря, с вином... и оно того стоило. а с вами случались подобные истории?


Shapes of the desert 🌵 at Sedona, Arizona


Live where you vacation: #TheBeachfrontCollection at @sugarbeachviceroy. (link in profile) #ViceroyIcon at Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort


A shady, uncomfortable free camp site experience drove us into the loving arms of a beach front RV resort full of Eddie Bauer magazine model retirees for neighbors with tour bus sized RV's. (This is our first time in 2 years of road life that we have had full hookups. Can you imagine the glory?) With all these fine people around me, I'll do something real nice. Like take a long shower, maybe even shave my armpits. I'll get out a nice fresh set of clothes that doesn't smell like onions, doesn't have campfire spark holes and ones that don't have pine sap stuck all over them. Yeah, I'll put on my Sunday best for these fine folks and just maybe we'll fit in. 😂 #wedontfitin


You know what I'd really like to do the most right now? Look up at the tops of buildings against the light of the sun and climb to the highest one: pick up speed by running from the first step all the way to the last. To the highest place I can find. Where you can see forever. In front, away beyond the rooftops glisten after a shower of rain, into the depth of the horizon, and long veil-like shadows crept up a pure expanse of the sky, over the the crystal blue lakes, and the swamps beyond, and the mountains above them. From the North to the South sped those angels of Heaven, from sea to sea, from mountain peak to mountain peak, spreading light from breast and wing. Stand on the very top, look all-around, сover at a glance all of my beloved city, and see with my own eyes the whole world slowly falling asleep. Look down upon the world from its summit. Spread the arms. Breathe in. Jump off. And finally, and most importantly, don't fall. #WorduuupGoesToIsrael at Tel Aviv, Israel


In the presence of giants 🏔✌️ at Columbia Icefield/Wilcox Pass Hike


Development underway of our updated Reusable Packaging. Exclusive to online orders. Stay tuned. at Seal Beach, California


Forcing him to take photos with me since 2014 🙃 at MetLife Stadium


Excited to share my National Parks designs for t shirts. Ol' Huckleberry is not for sale though. #greatdane #nationalparks #linkinprofile


been awake for over 24 hours but how can you go to sleep in a city like this? #BatteredPassportLisbon at Lisbon, Portugal


Another beautiful castel in our region. Who could imagine to live inside it? :) . . #germany #sharegermany #weroamgermany #ourgermany #ig_germany #instagood10k #lichtenstein #castle #beautifuldestinations #bwjetzt at Schloss Lichtenstein


Petra (Raqmu), Jordan. 🙏 Den vackra klippstaden Petra ligger i bergen i Jordanien. Det bodde ca 30 000 människor här under stadens storhetstid, för 2000 år sedan. Att Petra fortfarande är så välbevarat beror just på att de flesta av ”byggnaderna” är utmejslade ur bergen. Det är en alldeles fantastisk plats och förtjänar verkligen utnämningen till ett av världens sju nya underverk. . . . . . . . #magicmoment #petra #visitpetra #ancientcity #petrajordan #thelostcity #7wondersoftheworld #ilovetraveling #travelaroundtheworld #familytravel #exploringtheworld #raqmu #livetheadventure #amazingtravelbeauty at Petra, Ma`An, Jordan


Love it when nature claims a building 😌