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Screen saver worthy 🌅🧡


Many fantastic holiday events have gone by @wwseymour but it's not too late! Check out some today and more fun during upcoming weekends! • • • • • • It’s that time of year again! We are super excited to share all of our December events with everyone! Check it out below! ⬇️ ❄️ December 10th - 15th: Light Plantasia with @lusiolights 5-7p nightly. Tickets in bio. ❄️ December 11th: Story Hour for Kids. 11a-12p. ❄️ December 14th: Victorian Holiday Festival. 10a-3p. Dickens Festival Carriage Rides from Rankos to the Conservatory 12-4p. Music by @2020acappella ❄️ December 20th: Cocoa and Carols. 6-7:30p. ☃️ Presented by: Sounds Credit Union ⛄️ #pearachutekids #familyfunseattle #familyfuntacoma #thingstodoseattle #seattlemom #Seattlefamily #seattlekids #tacomakids #Tacomafamily #tacomamoms #toddlerlife #parenthood_moments #thehappynow #familybonding #familyfuntime #thisisparenthood #adventuresofchildhood #happytoddlers #raisingtoddlers #toddlermom #simplychildren #childhoodunplugged #parenthood_moments #southsoundproud #livelikethemountainisout #ilovetacoma #wrightpark #metroparkstacoma @metroparkstacoma


Niets liever dan dit ❤️💔❤️⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ 📷Pinterest⁠ #ourwhimsicaldays #mymagicalmoments #adventuresofchildhood #illuminatechildhood #motherhoodlens #oureverydaymagic


I wish I could be, As spontaneous as nature! Effortless she is so, In all things she does! The ray of the sun, Kisses daily, The earth and all its components, Without ever being hindered by anything! The moon is effortlessly sympathetic so, As the mother is to her children! - Unrhymed Poetenry: Poems of Ten Lines 📸-@jamiimichellee


Getting to watch these 3 kiddos explore and connect in nature here in Hawaii has been amazing. Being able to be barefoot 24/7 to connect with the earth and ground from all of the negative around us, negative ions, negative people, and synthetic materials is such a blessing! One day in the mountains and the next in the ocean has been quite a way to exist. Much different from growing up in Kansas, which had its amazingness too, so much space to explore and run with no people around. Finding little places near us that we don’t have to drive much more than 5-10 minutes has been important! There aren’t many and they don’t look like your typical Hawaiian jungle to play in but, mama needs to rest and not be driving super far every single day! Trying to balance my need for slow days with Mya and Knolls need to constantly be exploring something much bigger than them has been a labor of love.


This sweet boy loves the camera 😍 we had some fog fun before going to school.


I do love the cosy-cozy of this time of year but at the risk of sounding like Scrooge I’m not too mad about all the events for the kids. It’s their last week of school and between Christmas parties and talent shows and events and plays and evening carols - all of which I know is fun for them - it’s also super exhausting. What can I say, my kids are far better at socialising than I am. I would much rather stay at home and watch The Snowy Day for the 15th time. I wrote about being introverted and how it fits in with the way motherhood had become super social earlier this month for the Huffington Post and I’m sharing it again in case anyone else feels like they too would rather, well, just stay home. Today we are doing just this, again. (Swipe for snips and link up top). Any fellow introverted parents out there?


Thanks for the tag @cfalynnwood what a fun way to spend the morning!! • • • • • • Chick-fil-A Lynnwood Moms, do you have plans tomorrow morning? Join us from 9-10 a.m. and treat your little ones to a fun play date. Enjoy breakfast and mingle with other moms while the kids do a fun craft! Tag a mommy below who you think would be interested❄️ #LynnwoodParent #Food #pearachutekids #familyfunseattle #familyfuntacoma #thingstodoseattle #seattlemom #Seattlefamily #seattlekids #tacomakids #Tacomafamily #tacomamoms #toddlerlife #parenthood_moments #thehappynow #familybonding #familyfuntime #thisisparenthood #adventuresofchildhood #happytoddlers #raisingtoddlers #toddlermom #simplychildren #childhoodunplugged #parenthood_moments #MuseumMonday


If I’m being honest, I was disappointed when I found out her order brother was a boy. . And when I found out she was a girl? I was terrified. . I had learned to be a boy mom, and I liked it! I was even pretty good at it. . And girl attitude? 😅😬 I was not a nice teenager to my mom. I was not ready for that payback. . And that attitude, well, she got it..and about ten years sooner than I had thought she the age of about 2. . Thankfully, she’s now sweeter and more calm and not quite the emotional two-nager she used to be. . The biggest take away I learned from all of her ‘tude was that it wasn’t ever about me. All of her anger or big feelings may have been channeled my way, but that was because I was her safe place. It wasn’t because she actually hated me or whatever she liked to scream at me. . She got her feelings out, and I was always right there for her (usually calm), ready for her to chat and hug. . Now, do you think I’ll get to skip all the drama when she is a teenager? 🤞🏻😅😉 . If not, please remind me of how I got through her ‘tude once and can do it again 💪


Old but gold.. family Saturday morning bliss with lots of facial expressions:)


Amongst the madness of Monday a moment of peace...together and out walking, our happy place 🌟


Vandaag heb ik een mega productieve dag gehad, heel veel to do’s van m’n lijstje kunnen strepen. Zo fijn! Maar ik besef me net ook dat ik vandaag niet buiten ben geweest 🙈🤔 Oeps. Iets teveel van het goede misschien.. Daarom maar even een fijn buitenplaatje van toen de zon nog scheen ☀️🍂 met @sanne_karsten 🍁 #thelifestylecollective #familietrails #dearphotographer #thefocusedphotographer #wildandfreechildren #belovedstories #galleryoflightfeature #adventuresofchildhood #thehonestlens #ourcandidlife #thebeautifulreal #thesincerestoryteller #beunraveled


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Trying to meet all 3 kiddos needs from an attachment parenting standpoint is proving to be HARD! Last night Cedar, who is 6 months old now was up every hour or two for nursing as normal until 1 am when no lie she didn’t go back to sleep until 4. Now the hardest part of this is that she wanted to be asleep so she was just constantly nursing and being MAD! So thankful that @whatsadadbod_ was home last night to help give me a nursing break and walked her for a little bit. Can’t imagine attachment parenting in this part of our life without my helper! Beyond cedar there is Knoll, who is 2.5 now. Remember when I asked about toddlers going back to being carried on hikes??? Still living that life! Luckily the trail closest to us that’s open on the weekends doesn’t require a bag full of snacks and survivals(only right now when it’s no longer guava season) so I only was carrying a small water for us! Any other parents out there in the thick of it, I commend you and send you all my LOVE💚