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... the fall... . It was a perfect day: sunny and hot like the first day of June should be. The plan was to buy all the materials and accessories needed to the bathroom's makeover. . Everything was going fine, until the moment that we've noticed that the shower's stone was broken. We needed to replace it. On our way back to the store, I remembered that the shower's glass' box was accessible to our lively and curious cat... a disaster waiting to happen! We returned home. . It striked like a rainbow.... a perfect combination of factors! When I was getting out of the van, preceeded by my dad, my right foot failed and my ankle immediately twisted. Then my left foot completely shattered on the ground. . In seconds, I was unable to move on the hot floor... My tibia and fibula were made into a thousand pieces and my foot was doing a Charlie Chaplin move! . . June 1st . . . . #visual_square #irisingpt #gallery_legit #gerador #tv_simplicity #rainbow #rainbowcolors #theolivetreemag #huntagram #bytheroad_ #shooters_pt #soulfulmoments #aminhavisao #desfocoportugues #tripeportugues #detalhesdoclick #aminhaqueda #streetphotography #streetpoetry #acolorstory #acolorstorymood #jj_colorlove #tv_leadinglines


With this photo I complete my #30daysofmadeirabypaperweights!! I hope you all enjoy it and for more challenges dm me

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[ we'll have a party, we dance till dawn ]



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Este é o Mel. O cão mais meigo que podes conhecer. Só quer mimos e Brincar. Cresceu no campo, gosta de brincar com Paus e Calhaus. O olhar dele só revela a verdade: é um cão Feliz ! :)


Estonia we here🔥


If you told me one year ago that I would be where I am right now, I wouldn't have believed you. It all went by so fast. I can remember exactly how it felt embarking in this adventure of a lifetime! The fear, the doubts, the insecurities. Looking back, it was wise to have these. Why? Because going for it, even scared, is what allowed me to grow and find a version of myself I didn't know I had in me. The me who was a terrific 'housewife', the me who had to deal with unexpected situations alone, the me who had to make all the decisions and deal with it. Not being able to speak for the future, I can without a doubt say, this past year was the best of my life. It taught me that there are really no limits when you give your heart to everything you do ** Now there is that feeling again, the feeling of starting something new, of leaving my 'comfort zone'. I guess this is what it means to enter the 'adult life'. More than anything, I am thankful, truly thankful for all the unconditional support from my family and friends. Coventry was where I faced many of my fears, where I learnt how to be an 'adult', where I loved, where I laughed, where I got challenged and many other things, but most of all, I was very happy <3 Here is to a new chapter *fingers crossed* 💫💫💫 #shooters_pt #UK_GREATSHOTS #uk_shooters #visual_square #aminhavisao #talentoportugues #topeuropephoto #topukphoto #visitengland #moodygrams #besteurope #bestunitedkingdom #igersporto #igersbirmingham #igersportugal




I’m the rain that announces thunder, I’m the silence waiting for the shout, I’m mist that covers the cold. I’m before. Waiting for what’s after.


The Woman in the Window


Da última visita a Peniche, brindada com uns bonitos tons de cinzento bem uniformes. . 🤓


Geniale Brücke in Thüringen 🛤️


Braga, by night! 🌟


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