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She does it all, including replacing door handles! #awesomeadministrator #sheisalsoanalum #andaparent #shedoesitall


We have a parent meeting this Wednesday at North Clayton in the band room! Come and ask everything you need to know about auditioning for our team!!!! #BringAFriend #AndAParent


One of the best things about being a kid in the Summer 🌞 #andaparent #toddlerinaction #lennyrobert


This little cherub threw her biggest tantrum to date tonight. I am talking fire out of nostrils, horns buldging, rolling on the floor and a scream that made the dog over the road bark. It felt like it lasted forever. I kept my cool and rode it out. Neither of us knew why it happened and when it was over her sweaty, red, sad little body lay on mine as if to say "this toddler life is complicated, I need a glass of milk to get over that". We then read the same book that had been read for the last three nights, and no pages were missed. And when it was time to sleep her asking me to "cuddle her whole" felt just that little bit more needed. . #toddlerhood #nomanualtellsyoueverything #keepcool #tantrums #hardtobeakid #andaparent #pblogger #parenting #luckilyshedoesntdoitoften


The two remaining pages of the fourteen page Geometry review packet that was apparently assigned for Spring Break. These two were at least completed cheerfully, since we both recognized at 8:45 last night to continue would be futile. And probably dangerous to one or both of us. 😉 Once the work was completed, we sat for another minute. "This is a lot, Mommy. I'm worried." I know, babe. What matters? "Sigh. Effort, attitude, and staying calm no matter what." What matters less? "Score." Yup. What matters the least? "Everyone else." Every time. Every time there's a test this is our mantra. "I like it better when I do all that AND get a good score." Definitely. And that's a great goal. "Only happens sometimes though." I look at her slumped shoulders and wish I could change so much about our system. Then the barista started hanging a board near us, advertising the new Unicorn Frappuccino. I kick her under the table, and point. Her face lit up. "Mommy. After the test tomorrow, no matter what happens?" You got it. As usual, Starbucks and pink glitter and unicorns to the rescue. 😊❤️ #wednesdayswithmackenzie #starbucks #unicornfrappuccino #schoolissohard #soisbeingakid #andaparent #probablyateachertoo #unicornfrappuccinosforeveryone😄


Welp, there you go. Say, what you want but loving really matters when you're challenged and uncomfortable not cozy and snug in the arms of the one you love. It is in the conflict that love grows us. Think about it: when your child was two and learning how to share did you encourage them to see it from their playmate's perspective or insist that they stand them down and hog their toys? I think we all do/did the former. Because that is where the love sharing, in the compassion, and in understanding. Only when we love do we find peace and joy. #thinklikeachild #andaparent #childish #love #joy #peace #angelkyodowilliams #sistergiant #consciousness #wellness #wholeness #consciousparenting #resist


Decisions, decisions. 😂 . What kind of a Friday night are you gonna have? 🤔 PJ's all the way over here, babyyyyy. 🙌🏼 #crazyfridaynight #imold #andaparent #pjsforlife


Tax time is coming back around... And I need to borrow 1 or 2 social security numbers right quick #IfYouAreUnemployed #AndAParent #SitDown #LetsTalk #AlliNeed5HunDun