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Platforms (Exotic Shoes&Exotic Dancing) Sipariş için: Whatsapp 05422149269 Order line : Whatsapp 05422149269 Platform 8" Heel Yuksek topuk Platform 8" Heel Heel FLAMINGO-801T 8" Heel Size: 5-10 8" (20.3cm) Stiletto Heel, 4" (10.2cm) Tinted Platform Slide


Omg this turned out to be pretty good 😍 # artwork #art #artist #hardwork This took forever.....😥 but it was worth it 😃


Shawn Dinero "Circle 7" Album Available on all streaming platforms (iTunes - Spotify - Tidal - etc.) Billz ProDuction 🎹🎼🎵🔊💥🎤 . . . #hiphop #hot97 #album #california #music #rapper #nyc #canada #newmusic #represent #takeover #realhiphop #blogger #newmusic #goodmusic #fresh #dope #fortheculture #newyork #worldstar #producer #production #uk #artist #rap #underground #indie #lit


I have a new cat. His name is Cosmo. He has a really messed up foot he can't walk on, his tail is cut short, he is starved, something with his tail bone is wrong, and he might have something wrong with his back. I have 2 things I want to talk about here. 1. How could anyone ignore this cat? If he was born this way, why wasnt he taken care of? Why hasn't anyone taken him in? He is a very slow cat. It isn't like no one would be able to grab him. There is so much wrong with him it makes me want to cry. This poor baby was out in the wild with no possible way to take care of himself. 2. I looked up some thing and vet bills are ridiculous. I understand medicine is costly. It casts a lot for the rooms and all that, but if an animal is in extreme pain but if definitly fixable, how can the reject saving an animal just because someone doesnt have the means to pay for it? That is so heartless. Cosmo might new to have his leg amputated with how bad it is or they will have to rebrake it and hope it heals right this time. That would cost us anywhere from $800-$2,00 to do that. My family doesnt have that but Cosmo needs it. How is this the way the world works? Tell me I'm not the only one seeing it this way. . Cosmo is one of the sweetest cats I've ever met and ive only had him for 2 days. He is going to require a lot of care but he deserves it. I just dont get how this cat is probably 2 years old and he is in this condition and without a home. . #rant #cat #vet #catrant #draw #draw #art #artist #sketch #love #perfect


Biasanya cewe itu kalo cowo baik baik ada yg suka... malah di tolak !!! tapi cowo brandalan yg katanya gaull ituu malah di terima,giliran di sakitin malah bilang kalo semua cowo itu sama...🙉🙈😂 #plissjangansamakanguedengandiaok👈👊 #art #illustration #drawing #draw #picture #photography #artist #sketch #sketchbook #paper #pen #pencil #artsy #instaart #beautiful #instagood #gallery #masterpiece #creative #photooftheday #instaartist #graphic #graphics #artoftheday at Serang, Indonesia


Working on the CLOUDS EP! Fun stuff 👌🏽🎧🎤 #rap #hiphop #music #indigenous #artist


Bonne journée les amis❤ #caricature #mypic #glamourous #flowers🌷🌹 #art #artist #actress #actrice #romanticpic #red #loveu #bisous #kisses #besos😍❤💋


甜美而危险 . Individual image taken by @micahmccoy & composited by me at Chicago metropolitan area


Hey, hi + welcome to my page! So nice to have a few new followers, so I thought I’d do a #fridayintroduction (on a Saturday 🙈😂) & share ten ‘fun’ facts about me: 1. I’m Kate, a born + bred Aussie (Australian) with Dutch heritage (proud of both 🇦🇺 🇳🇱 ), I have red hair so you’d think I’d be from Scottish heritage but alas no 😕🙃😅 (where is the #redheademoji at?) 2. I’m a wife to Kyle (for 3 years now) & we have two man cubs 🐻 Jett and Callan (see story highlights about my boys on my profile 👌🏻). 3. I started lettering exactly 2 years ago & made this account 1 1/2 years ago (swipe left for some of my early pieces #weallstartsomewhere #practicemakesprogress ) 4. I love writing encouraging pieces, & I’m hoping to start a blog one day real soon (when I can get my head around it🤯), with that blog I hope to change my account name, just for funsies ! (Any ideas 💡?) 5. I used to be a primary school teacher, and still do relief from time to time, I now have the privilege of being a stay-at-home mum (we spell it ‘mum’ here, not ‘mom’ 👩‍🏫) - it’s an exhausting, busy but joyful life and I’m loving it! 6. I come from a family of fellow red-heads; 5 of us girls & 1 boy (poor Jay😝) oh and my mum & dad, that makes 8 of us (classic big Dutch family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦). When we get together us siblings all tend to speak in movie quotes, which really annoys my mum, and the inlaws 🤣 7. Hidden talent (though unsure as to whether I’m proud of it🙈) -I seem to have a knack for face-to-name recognition, for example if we’re watching a movie and my siblings can’t figure out an actor/actress’ name they ask me & 99% of the time I’ll know 🧐🤓🤪(and no, I don’t spend my life watching movies all day err day🙅‍♀️) if only I could use my powers for good not evil 😜 8. I believe that you can’t express emotion via text so I feel it is so important, nay necessary, to use emojis to convey what one is feeling 🤠 (if there are no emojis on my message to you, I’m probably not happy, k? 😜😂👌🏻) 9. I was a fairy for 6 months. (Lol, no not a real fairy silly 🧚‍♀️I just worked for a company that did kids parties 🎉 , it was a part time job while I studied 😂). Last fact in comments👇 at Perth, Western Australia


Our car broke down Wednesday night, but our mechanic, who has a shop right on our street, got it all patched up yesterday, & we picked it up today. While we were there, he said, "By the way I REALLY like what you've done with your lighting!" I said, "Wha...?" confused about which of my 400 projects he was referencing, & forgetting that I'd previously mentioned to him where we live. "The fence... in the back... with all the lights? It looks so cool, with all the plant shadows at night, especially when you first see it, when you come over the top of the hill." 😍 It's really great when somebody notices & enjoys your "art" on a daily basis. Since I still have so much to do to help the rest of the house, at least one, small section of the yard is providing a decent distraction. For every aggressive Luby's waitress who scolds your family every time you come through the serving line 15 minutes before closing, there's a sweet car guy who makes the effort to compliment your lighting. The key is to focus on the nice car man, not the comments of the way-out-of-line waitress. #lookherenotthere #distractdistractdistract #diditmyself #landscaping #agave #snapdragon #led #lighting #raisedbeds #outdoorlighting #chickswhobuild #growbabiesgrow #fence #plainoldfence #dressingupaplainwoodenfence #austin #fixerupper #diy #doityourself #hgtv #austingarden #nightgardening #focusonthepositive #hatersgonnahate #violas #succulents #succulentgarden #palmtrees #seedlings #artist at Austin, Texas


Some more of my unicorn 🦄 collection! Contact me fo a person order, share and check my page on Redbubble! Link in bio! I appreciate every support very much! 👊🏻🙏🏻


Here is something new! I can draw everything for you, contact me on private message! Link in bio!!!


Recently brought out this progress mixed media piece from 2016


Here is a cartoon illustration of my dearest friend @lew_is_foord He inspired me to give it a try and made me believe in myself! I will be doing these for you on a small price - personal orders, so you can send me pictures or ideas and I will make it for you! Link in bio!


ファッションブログの取材しながら、観光するよ。尖沙咀東部海濱公園は有名なスポットだよ。😎📸100年歴史をもつ公園のシンボルの時計台の前に写真撮らなきゃ🤳 . 我是遊客。香港太多負能量。不過。即管逗留一段時間。拯救這座原本很美麗的城市。🧜🏻‍♀️💋💪🏻💪🏻[女超人霸氣mode] at Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong



Good morning!😃Rise and shine🤗I’ve got so much stuff to do today😅Hope I will make it💪💞


at Sverdlovsk Oblast