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I designed the Magento Sap/Ax connector Infographic for the digital agency Youwe to promote their business during trade fairs. View the complete project here: Here you can see the infographic in complete context. #illustrationoftheday #youwe #talentedpeopleinc #illustration #studiovli #vivianeleezer #infographic #infographicdesign #illustrator #adobeillustrator #magento #art #vectorart #itsnicethat #diyartcareer #ballpitmag @vivianeleezer @itsnicethat @designspiration @creators_nl @_design_inspiration @creativereview


if you keep pulling that face the wind might change and you will end up with that face


Playing with acrylic textures 🏖✂️


Sir Brienne of Tarth 🗡️ please please please survive until the end 😭😭😭


X is for #36daysoftype #36days_x


Bus wrap design for Databuzz! 🚌 Client: @vubrussel & @imec_int Art Direction: @jaspervangestel Production: @theblackboxorg


Day 114 🎮 “The letter w” for @36daysoftype at Los Angeles, California


‘Personal Growth’ article Illos on how plant can help reduce stress, tension, anxiety,anger,fatigue and depression. @happiful_magazine 🌱🌱


Okay, so I cheated with this one. La Traviata should really be T not L but I have another one I want to do for T and I loved this opera. So La Traviata is actually based on a real life courtesan named Marie Duplessis (which sounds Afrikaans) who was also called the lady of the Camelias (a flower). She would wear a white camelia if she was available for sex and a red one if she was on her period. @36daysoftype #36days_l #36days_06k


199. X is for Xanax! 💊🍬🙂 @36daysoftype #36days_x #xanax #letters #typography #typeillustration


at Zhuhai



Today's peculiar mind. Play with shapes today, and the gif is fun and easy to do now with procreate. I love this app so much. Happy Wednesday everyone. 😊🙌⭐️ . #illustration #illustrator #art #painting #drawing #dream #procreate #artprocess #artist #processvideo #cadielong2019 #wip #linework #digitalpainting #digitaldrawing #nature #surrealism #fantastic #fantasy #beautifulbizarre #ballpitmag


@marinadiamandis 30 Day Art Challenge: Day #24 Happy ------------------------------- Slide for music preview, Full Song Link in Bio. - All music rights go to MARINA - Time taken: 3 hours - - #art #artchallenge #marinaandthediamonds #challenge #digitalart #marinaartchallenge #ballpitmag #illustrateddoris #30dayartchallenge #30daychallenge #30dayart #30daymarina #drawing #Froot #Happy


alentejo, onde sou mais livre


Growing up, I was so often in conflict with myself both wanting to blend in with peers who never seemed to get me while simultaneously wishing I had a bit of mystery about me, standing out in creativity or perspective or experience. In some scenarios, I longed to go unnoticed (the term ‘wallflower’ appeals to me in a sweetly knowing way). In other scenarios, I wished for attention and affirmation, but couldn’t bring myself to let loved ones know I needed it. I wanted to be self-efficient, take care of things, be accommodating, never be a bother or add to the problem at hand, and it’s taken me a decade or so to begin practicing another way. A way of being less concerned with making sure that I’m never the problem. Of being more open with how I feel and what hurts and what I need from others without worrying whether what I have to offer is of value. . I imagine many of us have experienced this is some way, and I’ve been thinking about how much more beautiful the world is when self-doubt is soothed and self-expression is encouraged. When critical thinking becomes an active practice and voicing our thoughts is not only a privilege, but a responsibility both in being active participants in our world and it’s future and in sharing of ourselves and letting ourselves be known. In building connection and bridges, and making meaningfulness. As an artist, my vocation (and personal well-being) depends on these things to foster connection with others through art and narrative. I wonder if any of you dears relate? I’d love to hear your thoughts and wish you floods of self-belief today with this little cat who’s putting its uniqueness out there even if it’s a tad different from the others. ☺️ . #lacelitwindowlings #ハンドメード #手製


Probando la nueva herramienta de texto de @procreate en una ilustración muy rápida de Vincent. 🌻


I have been working with Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine for several months now, and my first contribution can now be seen in their May/June issue!


Today I’ve really being trying to push my ideas for my project raising awareness and educating around dementia conceptually and think of how to show various perspectives and also the unpredictability of it


〰️〰️〰️〰️ 💌


🌿🌿🌿 at Downtown Asheville Historic District




I was inspired to paint this humpback whale after recently watching an episode of Netflix’s Our Planet. After finishing it I was looking through photos of my old artwork and I came across this watercolor whale I painted in 2015. It feels like a lifetime ago that I painted this and at the time I thought it was one of the best illustrations I had ever done. I had taken a long hiatus from painting while working in advertising for 6 years in Los Angeles, but decided to pick it back up and try my hand at illustrating again. Now, I’ve been traveling full time for the last 3 years and have tried to paint or draw every day, rain or shine. Some days I don’t get very far (although @procreate on an iPad has helped with this tremendously), but these side by side comparisons are a visual reminder to me that improving takes time. Sometimes the real progress can only be seen by taking a look back and realizing how far you’ve come.


Let's check who is who 😂 всем привет! Это фото меня-дизайнера и режиссёра 🍋 Just so you remember that  the human behind solid_white 😂 my name is leyla and I am a Toronto-based creativedirector and designer who is passionate about creating positive emotions between companies and their communities. 🍋 I'm really into color, bold design, indie film and reptile pattern shoes (👠➡️🤦♀️ ) 🍋 Drug of choice: sugar ...well, I  think that's obvious😂 🍋 ☝️This year I wrote and directed my first short film with a great crew. May 1st it premieres at 100 McCaul street,  room 353☝️ 🍋 Biggest Clients: Molson Coors, Bruno Mars's 24k magic tour and the University of Toronto at Toronto, Ontario


Bileğine kuvvet @36daysoftype #36days_w


something new work in progress 🌸🍇🍂🥀 at Brooklyn, New York


Another custom ‘Garden Mosaic’ tote. I have space for 1 more bag commission before I close my books for a little while to complete other projects, so email or DM me if you’d like one! Knitted in hand-dyed jute on a hand-dyed cotton base. Gracias por la 📷 @elandr0s !


Вчені змогли відновити діяльність клітин мозку мертвої свині, і навіть зафіксували невеликі електричні імпульси.😮 Моя ілюстрація на тему) . Scientists were able to revive cells in brains from dead pigs.🙄 My illustration for an article


The kid of a friend ask me to draw a tiger, after I drew the tiger she just commented that it looked like a cat trying to be a tiger! This kinda hurt me, so I sat down a drew a proper tiger and made a cool pink version as well!


at Detroit, Michigan


When we all fall asleep, where do we go? Was feeling a little burnt out, so took a break from work and made this moody thing for the Billie x Adobe contest @wherearetheavocados 🖤🖤🖤 @adobestudents ______ Because sometimes dreams feel like they're made up of silent screaming thought nuggets that manifest as layered, vivid, attention seeking narratives communicating things that I'm sub consiously (or consiously) trying to ignore. ☁️☁️☁️ But what is sleep without dreams even 🍒 #billieeilish #billie #illustration #adobe #reflections #whenweallfallasleepwheredowego #aaaaaa #BILLIExADOBE #contest #artwork #adobephotoshop #dreamscape #conscience #visual @adobe #itsnicethat #thedesigntip #womenwithpencils #dreams #sleep #pirategraphic #ballpitmag #brutsubmission #ilomilo #swipeforasurprise


Sketch for a new big wall painting! 👀 #illustration #sketch #illustrator #ballpitmag at Rotterdam, Netherlands

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