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πŸ§”Beard CareπŸ§” . .It is important to take care of your facial hair and skin! . πŸ§”Man Mane, Woodasman are beard and facial skin maintenance oils, not only do they feel amazing and smell refreshing, the oils helps the beard feel less scraggly and less dry, making your Man mane become more soft and manageable, beard oil helps protect your facial skin from environment factors like pollution and variable weather, your hair follicles will thank you for the nourishment. πŸ§”I received great feed back on the beard care products I have many loyal customers that come back to stock up, they also make great gifts. .πŸ§” Beard BalmπŸ§” Beard balms also do everything that the oil does but it also helps tame the facial hair making it a styling product as well, perfect for the longer thicker beard, I have customers that like the Beard Oil for a night time routine and the Beard Balm for their day time routine. A little goes a long way with the beard products so these will last you a long time! I highly recomend starting on clean skin, use one of JBL facial soap bars to wash the skin, Pat dry with a soft towel and then apply your JBL beard care product. .


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