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Long fabulous hair with 17" Hairtalk USA extensions. By @audreyjackmanhairgoddess @mystic_hair. Have you always wanted long, gorgeous hair? Audrey can make that happen! Call for your complimentary consultation today. You can also consult with Audrey on our website. Visit and follow the "Click here to get gorgeous" link. Audrey will give you professional advice on how to achieve your desired look and the cost!


W h i t e 🖤 o u t Foiled the ish out of this beauty adding @olaplex in every bowl 😍


NOT MY WORK. WHAT WOULD YOU DO??! I had to post this because I’ve never been so taken back in my career. Besides the fact her hair was extremely over processed and breaking of, this extension application gave me anxiety. This poor babe came in for a consultation to see what I could to about her situation. When I saw the severity of it, I couldn’t let her leave. The fusion Extensions were placed on her hairline , causing paint pulling at her root , plus she could even wear her hair back or even just down. The fact this was professionally done make me livid. Please make sure when it come to extension you are in the right hands. I removed all of her extensions which was extremely hard because they were not coming out at the root. I route melted her previous highlights and gave her a glaze and a big chop. Her hair is 100 times better than I thought it would be once those came out. They were only in for a month any longer and there would be a be even more hair loss. Saved this the best I could 🙏🏼 @trussprofessional infusion treatment to save the day


Winter blonde❄️ • • • Mix combo to create this bright blonde babe- her starting level makes it that much easier to achieve do you know why? Having a natural light color hair means there’s less to lift through to be able to create this tone. Ex: having dark blonde vs medium brown hair; blonde is made up of yellow vs brown is orange/red • • • SO- when finding a inspo to bring to your stylist understanding that the darker your hair may present some challenges to having a color like this! Listen to your stylist and be prepared for multiple visit or honesty in not having a color like this. Trust that they will share what’s best for you!💥 • • Formula: Babylights- 10 vol Balayage tip out- 10 vol Root tap- 7n 7na Gloss- 9v 9b and 9n


bright bronde babe 🌟🍫


BLONDE- but winter version ❄️😍 this was just a darker overall gloss on top of her already lightened hair to keep her more low maintenance, healthy, and shiny for winter ☃️


Not matter the angle this is a beautiful creation of blended ashed out blonde tones.


Do You Want To Build A Snowman 🎶 ☃️ • Yes I saw Frozen 2 and absolutely loved it ! My Snow White Babe is officially back to be ready for the holidays 👏🏻 It was super late by the time we finished and I had to work with soft box lights & Ring lights to show yall this gorgeous head of hair ! She wasn’t leaving till i got my perfect shot . Its okay she totally understands my craziness 😘 @schwarzkopfusa Blonde Me Bleach. @fanola No Yellow Shampoo as a pretone. @pulpriothair Icy + touch of Natural Toners. @bioionic 1.25 in barrel for the Waves . • • • #americansalon #behindthechair #hotonbeauty #modernsalon #beautylaunchpad #cosmoprofbeauty


So true though❤ Take control of your happiness! #loveyourstylist #lifegoals #positivevibes #beautylaunchpad


Saturday’s are for the salon ♥️ 💇


The Dry texture spray from @oribe is by far one of our stylists favorite styling products, it gives the hair texture without weight! In this gift set with the thick dry finishing spray you are set for all your holiday parties and travels! So stop by to pick one up for you or a loved one today ❤


WiNTeR wOnDeR hAiR 🐇 . @pulpriothair paint @brazilianbondbuilder for keeping her hair intact @framar brushes @sexyhair wet + styling bc it literally works for all the things.🧖🏼‍♀️✨ Specifically #vibrantsexyhair shampoo + conditioner, #strongsexyhair #activerecoverymousse for strength and body, #hotsexyhair #controlme heat protection spray with hold before curling, and as always- polished with #roseelixir shine spray. . . . #vividhaircolor #silverhair #pinkhair #hotroots #purplehair #pulpriothair #colormelt #winterhaircolors #winterhaircolor #sexyhair #barbiehair #modernsalon #behindthechair #americansalon #beautylaunchpad #hotonbeauty #winterbarbie


#theblonderoadmap to PLATINUM 💎✨ read below for the breakdown ⬇️ . ✖️ ROOT SHADOW ➖ think of a baby root tap, and always use DEMI! bring it down only to an 8-9 level, this will prevent banding as it grows out, but will give a soft shadow and more graceful grow out ✖️ GLAZE ➖ glaze the ends with your normal platinum toner, typically a level 10, after you’ve applied the ends, I like to really brush and blend it together so it’s super melted! . ⚠️ PRO TIP ➖ TRUST THE PROCESS! the root will tend to look dark, I promise you when you rinse it, it won’t be, remember, we’re applying to wet hair and it’s diluting that formula, therefore, you will never have a true level 8, just a soft beautiful blend 👏🏼 . LIGHTENER ➖ @schwarzkopfusa blondme 9+ is my favorite for retouches! it offers such a gentle, yet strong lift, and most of the time I can get away with using only 7 VOLUME! . any questions on platinum blonding⁉️ drop me a comment below ⬇️ . #thebtcteam #behindthechair #themoreyouknow 🌈 #schwarzkopfusa #schwarzkopfprofessional @thebtcteam @behindthechair_com @schwarzkopfusa


BLONDER FOR WINTER ❄️ Do you ever mix balayage and teasy lights together on the same head! I do it all the time and I’m loving this dimensional blonde! Creating blondes with two techniques is definitely a fav of mine! I alternated teasy and balayage through out her whole head! Around her hairline I just did teasy lights for the nice bright money piece! Blonder the better! Am I right ?!